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With the main goal of improving liver health, the fatty liver diet also reduces insulin resistance and allows for better regulation of blood lipid levels.

Fatty liver disease, also known as fatty liver disease, is a disease that, without precautionary measures, can progress to fibrosis or further to cirrhosis.

Special Fatty Liver Diet: The Basics!

Losing weight, exercising or following a quality diet is essential to completely cure this disease.

In the following lines we focus on the practical tips to consider as part of the special fatty liver diet.

Favor foods with low blood sugar levels. Increase consumption of omega-3. Avoid saturated fatty foods. Reduce consumption of sugary foods. Reduce alcohol consumption an ideal healthy weight.

Therefore, it is very important to focus on the nutritional aspect before any other consideration when treating fatty liver disease.

That’s why we make an inventory of the foods that we ban completely as part of the fatty liver diet!

Fatty Liver Disease or Fatty Liver Disease, What Foods to Avoid?

Due to their liver-damaging effect, certain foods should be completely banned as part of the special liver steatosis diet. We can identify foods with a high glycemic index, fatty foods and alcohol, among others.

Foods with a high glycemic index

These are foods that encourage blood sugar levels to rise, leading to excessive insulin secretion, which is very dangerous in fatty liver disease.

Here is a list of high glycemic index foods to avoid on a fatty liver diet.

White Flour Products: Baguettes, Pastries, Burger Bread, etc.; Couscous; White Noodles; Rice Noodles, Instant Rice; Biscuits; Breakfast Cereals Sodas Cakes, Muffins, Granola Bars Jams Sugar, Honey, Brown Sugar, Dextrose, Glucose-Fructose Syrup

Fat food

They are very harmful to hepatic steatosis because they are involved in its development. Fatty foods always get a bad rap for promoting obesity and being the root cause of cardiovascular disease. These fats are generally derived from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils and contribute to the increase in total and bad cholesterol. In fact, they lower the good cholesterol.

They are generally found in industrial dishes prepared with hydrogenated vegetable oil margarine.

And to increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, there’s nothing worse than saturated fat.

Some fatty foods to avoid:

Sausages and meat with more than 10% fat and fries.

The alcohol

Alcohol is a very important risk factor for chronic liver disease. Therefore, it should be avoided for people with fatty liver disease.

The recommended dose is 3 glasses of alcohol per day for men and 2 glasses for women.

Here’s a little equivalence:

A portion of alcohol worth:

12.5 cl wine 25 cl strong alcohol 25 cl beer

Daily practical advice.

A diet that includes the good fats is essential in fatty liver disease. In fact, bad fats contribute to metabolic syndrome.

In terms of diet, here are some things to eat on a daily basis:

Favor home cooking and low-sweetened homemade baked goods. Eat fish three times a week. Improve vegetable tagliatelle instead of pasta. Prepare fruit, yogurt, and nut-based snacks. Minimize industrial products. Reduce starches and give preference to legumes. * Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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