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How can natural remedies help us?

Losing weight is not an easy task! The phrase makes sense when you see the number of diets suggested for that particular purpose. Between work pressures, lifestyle and diet; all these parameters mean that a slimming diet is never completed. But what about natural remedies? How can they help us in our desire to lose weight? What health benefits? Update on the true benefits of natural medicine!

What are the benefits of natural remedies?

Complementary medicines, while not claiming to replace basic medicines, are of great help in achieving a weight loss goal. Among other things, we can note:

Used as a weight loss aid, homeopathy is based on a strategy of analogy, that is, treating the disease with something similar. Therefore, it is important to point out that before starting any diet, the body must be detoxified. This principle includes the removal of all external contamination, for example: cigarettes, alcohol, coffee. These external invasions tend to weaken the body and reduce the effectiveness of homeopathic treatments.

Detoxifying your body also plays a very important role in metabolism, resulting in faster fat burning. Therefore, a homeopathic diet stimulates the organs responsible for the detoxification work, such as the kidneys, thyroid gland, liver, venous circulation, intestines, etc. Despite this, we offer you a list of very effective homeopathic medicines for weight loss:

Chelidonium 4 DH Carduus marianus 4 DH Taraxacum 4 DH Helidonium 4 DH Solididago 4 DHLappa Major 4 DH Berberis 4 DH Viola Tricolor 4 DH

This is a regimen that should last 7 days based on 20-30 drops 3 times a day. And relative to the rate you plan to take in terms of diet, these drugs can be renewed once a month. This homeopathic remedy also tends to affect our eating habits; which will help you better resist the temptation to snack. However, if you constantly feel like eating, it is advisable to take two germs of Antimonium Crudum C9 three times a day.

It’s relatively easy to lose weight with herbal medicine. Speaking of this diet, the most popular remains agar-agar. It is a vegetable and natural gelling agent derived from seaweed with very few calories. It consists of 80% fiber, forms like a gel in the stomach and produces a significantly appetite-suppressing feeling. This type of herbal medicine would also swallow a large portion of the sugars and fats ingested during meals.

Agar-agar must be well heated beforehand so that it can become a 40-degree jelly. Therefore, it may only be consumed with warm meals. For example, you can incorporate 1 g of agar-agar into a drink and keep it from cooling for a few minutes before eating. At that moment it transforms in the body, inside. However, care must be taken not to consume it in high doses over 3g per day. Otherwise it has a laxative effect.

Joint acupuncture is more likely to be chosen to promote weight loss. It is a type of acupuncture used as an accurate representation of the body. This is said to treat certain diseases of the body, regulate appetite and snacking.

It’s more psychological or mental. It is intended to put the patient in a certain way in a certain mental situation in order to change his ideas and consequently dislike the fatty substances he is consuming or rather help him to like healthy foods more.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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