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the peculiarities of this massage

Relaxing moment, privileged with full vitality and relaxation, the Thai massage is a traditional massage extremely complete, integrating several virtues and several techniques.

So, among the plethora of massages available and their various health benefits, what is so special about Thai massage? What are its benefits? And how does it look in practice? Let’s explore the following lines together!

What is Thai massage?

Of Indian origin and influenced by the Buddhist tradition, the Thai massage is a derivation of traditional Chinese medicine (natural health system). Thai massage has been added to the broad family of massage therapy.

It is a massage that values ​​the impact of energy on overall health and shares some similarities with yoga and meditation. And in its basic principles, the Thai doctrine attaches great importance to the invisible energy, stating that all life forms depend on this energy.

However, what are the benefits of his practice?

Thai massage, what are its health benefits?

As part of the large family of massage therapy, Thai massage is replete with many benefits and its practice is not subject to any restrictive rules.

It is a massage that does not favor the exclusion of age or physical condition. It has a calming, energizing effect while reducing the strong nervous excitement caused by stress, chronic pain, etc.

However, its positive effect is more noticeable in back treatments. As part of an effective treatment for back pain, scientific authorities have developed a clinical study comparing traditional Thai massage to Swedish massage.

180 patients received 6 massages of 30 minutes each for 3 to 4 weeks. The results later confirmed that it was a massage that relieved more than 50% of the pain felt.

In fact, this study has not made it possible to know which of these two massages is more effective than the other. These long-term effects are also not clearly defined.

Thai massage, what about their practice? Are there special clauses?

As with all massage, certain goals must be in place at the beginning of your practice. Therefore, everything must be well prepared between the patient, the specialist and the manager in order to have a precise sequence of the different phases.

It is important for the patient to be in good shape. It is also very important to define a specific time for exercise. It’s an activity that lasts about an hour.

Therefore, the massage is practiced on the floor on a mattress. As a practitioner, you must wear loose and very comfortable clothing to encourage quality massage.

Before this massage, it is important to establish that the therapist will carry out a health check based on a survey. The patient is asked questions about his or her lifestyle in order to accurately determine his or her “energetic” character.

And through the patient’s reactions, the therapist emphasizes postures, encourages appropriate intensity, and practices maneuvers for balanced exercise.

The therapists, respecting tradition, begin and end their massage taking more time to center themselves in order to fully meet the patient’s desires. While some say prayers, others chant to mobilize all the energy they are releasing in the present moment.

Finally, the massage ends with a gentle rub on the stomach, chest, arms, hands and face.

Finally, note that Thai massage can be referred to as yoga massage, nuad phaen, nuad bo’rarn, or simply nuat.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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