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A revolution that just came out of India

The Abhyanga massage is well known for its relaxing and energizing effects. It is a type of massage performed with palm oil and much more practiced in North India where it originated. In this article, zoom in on this new type of massage, its benefits and how to understand it well!

Abhyanga massage, how to really define it?

Traditional Ayurvedic practice, a sacred medicine in India for several millennia, the Abhyanga massage is a particular type of massage aimed at well-being through relaxation and relaxation sessions. In addition, in France it is a massage very common in spas and beauty salons.

In other words and in literal translation, Abhyanga massage is an oil message from the body. So it is a massage that revolves around the seven energy centers of the body. These seven points are stimulated by following the energy circuit aimed at promoting its better circulation throughout the body. These are sensitive areas, also called chakras, that have a direct impact on the circulation of prana. And to achieve better physical and mental well-being, pressure and stretching are applied to the body according to a moderate rhythm and balanced maneuvers.

However, several techniques and in different ways are being tried. Therefore, it is appropriate for the practitioner to choose the one whose stimulation suits the specific needs of the person being massaged. In this case he can alternate the massages with the elbows, with the feet, with the knees or simply with the thumbs.

Abhyanga massage, what are the essential elements to make it run smoothly?

It is a massage that should generally be practiced in the morning, this moment is ideal as it allows all the toxins accumulated during the night to be eliminated. Palm or sesame oil are the most recommended for their moisturizing and antioxidant properties.

Therefore, it is important to heat these oils to 100 degrees and let them cool for a while before using them. This is to prevent burns on the skin. The main feature of Abhyanga massage is the fact that it alternates gentle and rhythmic movements. In summary, it is a gentle and rhythmic massage at the same time. These movements are performed to identify tension, as opposed to the rhythmic and tonic pressures that release the tension felt at the beginning.

It is also important to specify that the rhythms must be made in relation to the physical capacity of the people being massaged. In fact, the Abhyanga massage is a massage that nourishes and distributes energy throughout the body. At the same time, we can mention that this type of massage is an excellent introduction to quality meditation. In fact, relaxation is important to successful meditation. This enables the Abhyanga massage.

What does the Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage bring you?

The Abhyanga massage in her practice does not exclude certain groups of people. However, these benefits are much more beneficial in people who are stressed, nervous, suffering from fatigue and really have trouble controlling their emotions.

Among its benefits we can mention the fact that it promotes good sleep, improves concentration, facilitates digestion and fights depression. Also on a physiological level, it allows to stimulate better blood circulation, maintain good breathing and participate in the good strengthening of the joints. Its main goal, well-being, also rubs off on the completely relaxed joint muscles. An excellent moment of relaxation, the Abhyanga massage offers multiple benefits and benefits for both the body and the mind.

In conclusion, we can say that despite the abundance of massages on offer, each one targets very different goals with very specific goals. Therefore, it is important to choose the right type of massage for your needs in order to get the best results.

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