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Balanced muscle building remains the main goal of most athletes. However, just exercising without an appropriate diet does not give the best results in terms of weight gain. What about the special muscle building diet? How do you calculate the right protein intake for muscle building? What health consequences? The point of this article!

How can a diet build muscle mass?

A diet is a new way of getting the body used to a certain type of food. Regardless of the goals, proper nutrition is essential to achieve the best results. For example, a segmented and protein-rich diet is suggested for the muscle-building diet. Because of this, it’s important to focus on the essential elements to achieve mass gain goals very quickly. As :

Natural proteinsCarbohydratesSpecial snacks for weight gainBalanced dietA special protein preparation.

It is important to specify that the muscle uses a lot of energy. In a way, its need for calories or energy is much greater than that of fat. Therefore, in order to promote better muscle development, it is advisable to properly stimulate the muscles through quality training and a specific diet. Keep in mind that good nutrition is an excellent way to provide our cells with the nutrients they need. As a result, we can say that good sports discipline coupled with quality and long-term nutrition will allow you to achieve the best goals.

How much protein is needed to build muscle?

In order to build muscle, it is important to state that patience is required. It is possible to build muscle very quickly in a short time, but the health consequences can be enormous. Because of this, bodybuilders always organize themselves to be in better shape before talking about goals.

The provisions must first be environment, sport and nutrition. When the conditions are met, they now focus on intentions, ways, and means to achieve them. In bodybuilding, for example, protein intake is mandatory. Proteins are nutrients that are very important as they promote muscle development and rebuilding. And for a specific muscle building diet, 1.5g of protein per pound per day is recommended. In other words, if you weigh 70kg, your daily intake should be 105g. It is also advisable to make up your meal with natural and lean proteins in sufficient quantity in addition to fibre, carbohydrates and vegetables.

So what foods are high in protein?

Among the foods rich in protein we can note, for example:

100g of chicken equals 31g of protein. 100g minced meat equals 30g protein. 100g of oily fish equals 25g of protein. 100g of pork provides the body with 29g of protein. 50 g of Gruyere cheese correspond to 12 g. 30 g of soybeans correspond to 10 g of protein. 2 thick slices of ham correspond to 9 g of protein. 100 g game correspond to 28 g protein. 100 g yoghurt corresponds to 18 g protein.

As you can see, the list is far from exhaustive as high protein foods are very numerous. On the other hand, it is necessary to know how to diversify them well to have a better nutritional balance.

What are the benefits of dieting for weight gain?

Among other things, we can note:

Maintain good muscle mass. Build the muscles. Keep a better figure. Have a good metabolism. Prevent cardiovascular diseases. * Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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