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Are you among the 10% of the population who can solve this riddle?

A seemingly obvious, but pitted, calculation has begun to circulate on social media since a Japanese study found that only 90% of people in their 20s couldn’t answer it correctly.

On the web, many users break their teeth from this calculation of the CM2/6e level.
The terms general intelligence, general intellectual ability, IQ, or simply intelligence are often used interchangeably to refer to cognitive aptitude tests.

They are often offered during recruitment and are similar to logic tests. Logic is indeed an essential quality to develop both in the professional world and in everyday life.

Mathematical aptitude tests are often used in competitions to show your logical skills. The math difficulty levels are deliberately kept low, because it is not about advanced math knowledge, but about how to solve the task with math knowledge at the level of a primary school child. .

This is where the difficulty lies and this is where the logic test comes into play. With simple elements like addition and multiplication, a basic mathematical rule or two that everyone knows, you have to find the answer logically. If at first glance it seems simple, you quickly realize that to solve the problem you have to increase the parameters to be taken into account … with logic.

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