5 tips against wrinkles.

Wrinkles, dark circles, and age spots are all part of the aging process, but the good news is that by making a few changes to your daily routine, you can learn how to prevent wrinkles. You are welcome !

But first, how are wrinkles formed? As skin loses volume, fullness and elasticity with age, it is less able to respond to repetitive facial expressions, leading to deeper lines, wrinkles and fine lines over time.

It is these external factors that we have the ability to defend ourselves against and delay the onset of premature aging. You’re probably already practicing some of these – we all know the harmful effects of UV rays, for example. It’s never too late to take positive skin care measures to protect, nourish and repair it.

With that in mind, here are 5 tips to prevent wrinkles.

Hydrate regularly.

Oilier complexions and well-moisturized faces preserve crystalline and elastic skin and are therefore more resistant to wrinkles. An eight-year study in the British Journal of Dermatology, funded by Olay, showed that women with dry skin were more likely to develop severe wrinkles — and more of them.

The study found that a typical 28-year-old woman with dry skin has 52% more visible wrinkles by the time she turns 36. But this figure can be significantly reduced to 22% at the same age if the skin is well hydrated. dr Greg Hillebrand, lead author of the study, said: “We can significantly delay the appearance of stubborn wrinkles by protecting the skin with effective moisturizer and sunscreen on a daily basis. »

Skin gets drier with age, so it’s important to moisturize twice a day and look for dermatologist-approved ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, three great moisture boosters.

Protect yourself from blue light.

Computer, tablet, and cell phone screens emit light called blue light — the same as morning light — which suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. This can affect our sleep pattern and quality, which negatively impacts our skin’s repair process.

“Blue light can cause an influx of harmful free radicals, leading to oxidative stress on the skin,” says award-winning esthetician Dr. Rita Rakus. “Free radicals break down and damage skin’s collagen and elasticity, increasing signs of aging and inflammation. If you’re chained to your computer during the day, consider taking regular screen breaks and making your bedroom a tech-free zone.

Reduce your sugar consumption.

Not only is sugar bad for your waistline, it’s also bad for your face. Research shows that sugar destroys collagen and elastin in our skin, which accelerates the aging process and causes “sugar sagging.”

Try to cut down on sugary snacks, find sugar substitutes, and replace starchy foods that turn into sugar with protein snacks that keep you fuller longer.

Anxiety is not only bad for the mind, it also affects the face. Stress causes chemical changes in the body that lead to the production of free radicals. These nasty molecules attack the skin and cause the cells to age dramatically.

“Chronic stress increases levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body, which is known to damage collagen and elastin,” explains Dr. Sharon Wong. “Stress also creates a pro-inflammatory environment in the body that impairs its ability to repair itself. »

Take an eye test.

If you squint to read the fine print or have trouble making out the bend in the distance, your eye muscles will become strained. The same applies if you forget your sunglasses on a clear day.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, these frequent and repetitive squinting movements cause deep, pronounced lines and wrinkles. Visit your optician every two years or if you suddenly find yourself in trouble, and keep a pair of sunglasses in your purse for sunny days.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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