Brian: The journey of a Clever Entrepreneur

rly career years: Brian is a man who holds the benefit of dual citizenship in the United States and Australia, which was the budding seed of Brian’s entrepreneur journey. In the year 2015, he started off his career as a financial analyst in Sydney’s Martin Place, the most prestigious financial district in Australia, situated in the heart of the capital city of Sydney, where renowned institutions stand tall. By the year 2017, Brian had expanded his domain of knowledge and skill in cryptocurrency, specifically in the branch of BitCoin and ICO, an online currency that has become the leading type of currency and business investment source for the future.

Breakthrough: Entrepreneur Journey 

This further inspired him towards self-learning the art of blockchain technology, wherein he converted his expertise to practice by investing in several ventures, one of which proved to be his breakthrough, called Binance, the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world.

Moving on to 2 years later, shortly before the COVID Pandemic of the year 2020 swept through the world, Brian relocated to Dubai for a temporary period and took on the role for APG Global as the Middle East and Asia-Pacific Business Coordinator, to promote commerce and cooperation.

Travel Memoirs

He now resides in California, USA as the world is healing from the outbreak and has moved on to a more digitized way of life in all spheres of the world. He has had the opportunity to experience diverse cultures and regions of the globe owing to his personal endeavors that opened doors for him. Over the course of his wonderful life, he has traveled to 60 countries on five continents, which has distinguished his personality and given him a zest for life. His most prominent of these visits was while on vacation in England, he had the honor of meeting the Queen in the historic Castle of Windsor of the British Empire.

Personal life achievements

Thereby, through these doors of languages introduced to him over his journeys, he possesses basic proficiency in Chinese, Korean, and Russian languages as well as intermediate fluency in one of the five major spoken languages, Spanish. In his leisure time, Brian takes pleasure in outdoor sports like hiking and dancing, especially the dance styles of salsa and bachata. He also regularly trains in boxing as a way of keeping himself up to par and thus, leads a fulfilling life.

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