Duties and Responsibilities of Car Transport Companies

Car transport companies have several responsibilities and duties. They deliver automobiles to vendors throughout the southeast region and maintain comprehensive delivery records.

Less expensive option

You should know several crucial details when relocating to a new place and considering vehicle transport. This method uses one driver to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to its destination. While available carriers are more convenient and economical, they are also less secure. It would be best if you looked into the cost and safety of both options before making your decision.

Another less expensive car transport option is hiring your car shipping carrier. This method can ship your car cross-country or from one state to another. The process involves searching online, where you will run into brokers and companies. It requires time, research, and patience.

Many different car transport companies offer other pricing options. Some provide door-to-door delivery, which is often less expensive than enclosed shipping. However, you must remember that open transport may expose your vehicle to the elements. It could increase the risk of theft. An enclosed carrier will provide peace of mind and prevent your car from being stolen during transport.


You must choose a reputable vehicle shipping business to move your car from one location to another. The company you select should be licensed, bonded, and insured. There are two basic types of car shipping: terminal-to-terminal shipping and door-to-door shipping. Terminal-to-terminal shipping utilizes a specialized trailer to transport your car to its new location. This type of car shipping is generally cheaper than door-to-door shipping but is less convenient for your schedule. Open transport carriers can haul up to 10 vehicles simultaneously, splitting fuel costs among multiple clients.

A customer’s deposit is not refundable when using an offshore car transport service. The warranty becomes their convenience fee if a customer cancels their order after a dispatch date. Customers who pay in full will be refunded the total amount of their order, minus the convenience fee, within seven to ten business days.


Before choosing a car transport company, it’s best to look at its track record. Many companies serve the same industry, and they should be able to explain what sets them apart. Look for companies with a solid track record, timely delivery, and positive customer reviews. You should also ask the company about its insurance policy.

There are many reasons to ship a car, but the main one is moving to a new area. You may also be buying a new vehicle and want to send it to your new home. You can also use car shipping companies for shorter trips. Once you’ve selected a company, they’ll contact you to schedule pickup and delivery. They’ll also let you know if your car needs to be repaired or is damaged. Before shipping your vehicle, be sure to take photographs so that the company can document any damage.

A reliable auto transport company should have a well-designed website. An impressive website is indicative of a company’s commitment to customer service. A website that contains many typos and blatant misinformation is a red flag. It’s also essential to review the company’s customer feedback online. A business with many good ratings is more likely to be reliable than one with many negative ones.


The cost of shipping your car depends on several factors. One factor is the size of the vehicle. Usually, sedans are around five and eight inches tall, while SUVs are between six and seven feet tall. Exceptional SUVs may be much taller than a typical sedan and require special shipping arrangements. The length of the vehicle also affects the price. An average sedan is about 189 inches long, but if you have a car longer than this, you may have to make a larger booking.

Another factor is the distance that the vehicle must cover. If the space is short, the cost will be cheaper. But if the car goes a long distance, the price will be much higher. In addition, the make and model of the vehicle also play an essential role in the cost of shipping. Generally, more extensive and heavier cars cost more to ship.

When considering the cost of car transport, you should choose a reputable company. Most car transport companies charge a non-refundable deposit. The balance of the payment is usually due upon pickup and delivery. Some firms also charge additional fees for services such as insurance and storage. It is recommended that you book your shipment in advance.

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