Wall colors 2022-2023: Flamingo

Flamingo is the color of the year chosen by Tikkurila experts : trend analyst Susann Björklund, creative director Niclas Engsall, and color experts Irina Hanhisalo and Marika Raike. This juicy, peachy shade of pink refers to the glitter of exotic birds and the color of the setting sun. It is slightly softer than Living Coral, but equally energetic and joyful.

How to use Flamingo paint indoors? Tikkurila advises to get used to it slowly, introducing it first to accessories and then to larger surfaces, including walls. The most modern effect is achieved by creating a monochromatic composition, using different shades of pink and red (the blend trend) or by combining contrasting colors that do not seem to match, such as Flamingo and blue (the clash trend).

Wall colors 2022-2023: Garden cloth

American paint manufacturer Dutch Boy took inspiration directly from nature. This year’s contender is Garden Patch, a relaxing and cheerful shade of green. The color is similar to green – the color of 2017, but slightly softer and without yellow tones. It evokes associations with the lush greenery of the garden, as well as with old plant albums, full of colorful and detailed prints.

The color of the garden board can decorate a large area, a single wall, a wooden door or a window stucco. It looks best in the company of neutral colors, especially white, cream beige, gray, as well as warm shades of pink, intense red, fuchsia and blue.

Wall colors 2022-2023: Night watch

A completely different variation of green is proposed by PPG Paint (Pittsburgh Plate Glass), an international paint and varnish supplier. Experts who collaborate with the brand predict that the most fashionable color in 2022-2023. years to be deep, hunting green. Nightwatch, because that’s the name of the winning shade, is elegant, slightly mysterious and insanely exclusive. It will be especially appreciated by those who live in the city and long for nature. The deep green on the walls exudes relaxation, as does the surrounding wild nature.

What to combine the shade Night Watch with? Against the background of dark green walls, shiny accessories will look great, for example, mirrors in a gold frame and furniture on chrome legs. Wood is welcome – especially in warm shades, black painted steel, velor sofas and armchairs.

Wall colors 2022-2023: Draft

Behr presented its color of the year for the second time. This time, the American paint manufacturer used a muted shade of blue – Blueprint . It’s warmer than denim, but softer than navy. The name of the color refers to the old technology of copying technical drawings, which made it possible to obtain prints with a white outline on a dark blue background.

According to Erika Woelfel, representative of the Behr brand, the selected shade is universal and meets modern needs. It exudes calmness, brings balance and positive energy to the interior. It can be combined with most colors, but works best with dark brown, gray, black, white, mustard yellow and bottle green.

Wall colors 2022-2023: a spice of life

On the list of the most fashionable colors 2022-2023. there is no shortage of warm, natural shades. The first one is Spice of Life, ie. Warming red, with a hint of brown and orange. The offer of the Dunn-Edwards brand evokes a whole range of associations. He has in mind pictures of naturalists, the desert landscape of the Wild West and the planet Mars, the spicy taste of spices, the sunset in the savannah, ancient paintings on the walls of caves, or old products of pre-Columbian art.

Walls painted in spice-of-life colors will be an attractive backdrop for mid-century and boho-style furniture and accessories. It will emphasize the charm of carpets and wall hangings, handmade ceramics, woven armchairs, baskets and tables. They will provide perfect settings for dark wood tables, chests, and chairs, as well as gold and copper ornaments.

Wall colors 2022-2023: Cave clay

An equally sensual proposal was prepared by the brand Sherwin-Williams. The shade of her choice is Cavern Clay – a mixture of brown and red that mimics the warm color of terracotta . Like the spice of life, it belongs to a palette inspired by the colors of the earth, especially the rocky landscape of the American West.

Cavern Clay color likes invisible combinations. It goes perfectly with navy blue, blue, beige and burgundy. It is so versatile that it will work in any interior: both in a boho-inspired living room and in a classically furnished dining room.

Wall colors 2022-2023: spiced honey

This year it belongs to spiced honey, according to the Global Aesthetic Center AkzoNobel , the world color trend expert and Duluk paint manufacturer. The warm honey-caramel shade should be the answer to the growing need for harmony and joy in everyday life. Its presence calms you down, improves your mood and spurs you to action.

AkzoNobel experts emphasize that spiced honey is a very versatile color that changes its face under the influence of lighting and neighboring colors. In the company of neutral beige, earthy browns or delicate pastels, it becomes soft and subtle. In combination with blue, navy blue or intense orange, it gets a joyful energy. Thanks to this, it will find its place in every home, regardless of the temperament of the inhabitants or the style of interior decoration they prefer.

Wall colors 2022-2023: Metropolitan

Benjamin Moore’s experts decided to go against the tide. Their color of the year is the elegant shade of gray Metropolitan . Considering the latest interior design forecasts, such a decision seems surprising to say the least. However, brand representatives claim that it was carried out deliberately, based on detailed market research. They, in turn, showed that society craves peace and quiet the most. Their embodiment was, among others, the interior of the Noguchi Museum in Queens, the misty landscape of England, the silvery shade of Mushroom Hair or the famous portrait of Michelle Obama painted by Amy Sherald.

Metropolitan gray is sure to stand the test of time. It is modest and sophisticated at the same time, universal but not boring. It fits perfectly in classic and retro style. You can easily combine it with beige, brown, gold, rose pink, as well as intense navy blue or emerald color.


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