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ftc mgmsisco theinformation Proposition 2 is a ballot measure that would amend the California Constitution to create a new voting system called “ Initiative Decorum.” In Initiative Decorum, citizens could propose laws that the people would vote on rather than being decided by elected officials. The goal of Proposition 2 is to give more power to the people, and it has been met with mixed reactions from both sides of the political spectrum. how California prop useidelsonbloomberg

What Are the Possible Benefits of Proposition 2?

Some potential benefits of Proposition 2 include increasing voter turnout, decreasing corruption in government, and ensuring that all Californians have a voice in how their state treats them. There are also concerns that Initiative Decorum could lead to more lawsuits and legal challenges, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. It is still unclear whether or not Prop 2 will pass muster with voters, but if it does, it will likely create some interesting legal implications for California.

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