High-School Science Teacher Starts a Non-Profit to Harness Social Media for Widespread Community Impact

September 5, 2022, Los Angeles, California – Climate change is causing problems all over the world. Schools are failing to teach students how to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Lack of access to healthy food, affordable housing, and public transportation significantly causes rising carbon emissions. Science teacher Edward Peebles-Maxwell founded “See Green” to combat this problem by creating a more sustainable future for our planet. The use of social media to spread awareness about climate change and its effects has been the primary strategy for the See Green team.

After 13 years as an educator, Edward saw a gap in climate education and action that needed to be filled. “See Green” addresses this problem by developing strategies to encourage people to take action to reduce their carbon footprint and make our world more sustainable for future generations. On Thanksgiving Day, SeeGreen will assemble care packages and distribute them to underserved members of their Los Angeles community.

For more information, please visit SeeGreen.Life.

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