Hundreds arrested for riots, Bolsonaro denies involvement

Hundreds of people have been arrested for storming government buildings in Brazil’s capital Brasilia. Reports range from 200 to 400 arrests. President Lula has now lashed out at the Stormers in a speech: supporters of former president Jair Bolsonaro. All developments are available in our live blog.

Here’s what we know now:

According to the governor of Brasilia, 400 people were arrested, but this was later contradicted by the minister of justice. He talks about 200 arrests.

President Lula was not present in the presidential palace during the storming, he is in São Paolo.

Justice Brazil: not 400, but 200 arrests for riots

According to the Ministry of Justice, not 400, but 200 protesters have been arrested after the riots in Brazil’s capital. Governor Ibaneis Rocha previously spoke of more than 400 arrests.

Due to the lack of security measures in the capital, Governor Rocha was suspended by the Supreme Court. The military police led by Rocha, in the words of the new president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, did nothing to put an end to the demonstrations. Brazilian authorities have launched an investigation into the storming, which participants had been preparing for two weeks on platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. Brazil’s Supreme Court has ordered Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to block “anti-democratic propaganda”.

Governor Brasilia suspended for lack of security

The governor of Brasilia has been suspended by the Supreme Court after the riots in Brazil’s capital.

Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes also ordered Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to block anti-democratic propaganda.

Governor Ibaneis Rocha has been removed from office for 90 days over the capital’s deficient security measures, which allowed supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro to storm and occupy government buildings in Brasilia.

The number of arrests has risen to more than 400

The number of arrests for storming Brazilian government buildings has risen to more than 400, the governor of the district that includes Brasilia said on Twitter.

“They will pay for the crimes they committed,” said Governor Ibaneis Rocha of the detainees. Every other participant in this terrorist act this afternoon is still at large, and we’re looking for them. We are still striving to restore order.

Biden calls storming Brazil outrageous

Outrageous, US President Joe Biden called the developments in Brazil in an initial response.

Later, Biden tweeted, “I deplore the assault on Brazil’s democracy and an orderly transition of power. We fully support Brazil’s democratic institutions, and the will of the Brazilian people must not be infringed upon.”

Bolsonaro condemns storming, denies involvement

Former President Jair Bolsonaro condemns the storming of several Brazilian government buildings on Twitter. He denies having anything to do with the disturbances.

“Peaceful protests are a component of democracy.” Bolsonaro, however, claims that because they happened in 2013, 2017, and even now, looting and breaking into official buildings are not covered. Additionally, he stated that throughout his tenure as president, he has upheld the constitution, respected, and supported democracy, openness, and freedom. Additionally, he stated that throughout his tenure as president, he has upheld the constitution, respected, and supported democracy, openness, and freedom.

Huge damage

The damage is enormous in the three stormed buildings, write Brazilian media. Images on social media, including the presidential palace, confirm this. Bolsonaro supporters committed destruction, both on the outside and inside the buildings.

O Globo writes that furniture and works of art were destroyed in the presidential palace. In the Supreme Court, documents would have been shredded. There is also a lot of damage there. Bolsonaro supporters also ran off with the door of Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes.

Brazilian media: 150 arrests made

According to Brazilian media, at least 150 arrests have been made in Brasilia today. The reasons for arrests are said to range from ‘destroying public property’ to ‘attempting to overthrow a democratically elected government’.

The highest judge, Alexandre de Moraes, has also issued an arrest warrant for another thirty people for their involvement in today’s developments.

De Moraes writes on Twitter that everyone who took part in the storming will be held accountable today, as well as “funders, instigators and government officials” who contributed to it. “The justice system will not fail in Brazil!”

World leaders condemn ‘cowardly attack on democracy’

World leaders have expressed their dismay at the turn of events in Brazil’s capital Brasilia tonight. France’s President Macron says the will of the Brazilian people must be respected, and expresses his “unconditional support” for President Lula.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric says the Brazilian government can count on its full support during this “cowardly and despicable attack on democracy”. Colombian President Gustavo Petro speaks of ‘fascism’.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken also says that the United States fully supports the Brazilian government. The US denounces the assault, saying that “it is never appropriate to use violence to disrupt democratic institutions.”

Congress Building Recaptured

O Globo also now reports that security services have expelled the Bolsonaro supporters from the congress building. Control of the building would be back in the hands of the security forces. However, the building is still surrounded by a large group of supporters.

With that, all three stormed buildings would be back in the hands of the security services. Peace in the capital, however, is far from returning.

Lula: military police did not do work

In an address, President Lula expressed his displeasure with the military police’s conduct. They were incompetent, “or worse,” he charged. Officers who, in Lula’s opinion, “absolutely nothing” should be penalised, he says.

Pictures posted on social media demonstrate how the police struggled to contain the Bolsonaro supporters as they stormed the structures. Additionally, Lula wants to punish the protesters, whom he refers to as “fascists.” So far, at least five persons have been taken into custody.

The president accuses Jair Bolsonaro, his predecessor, of being to blame for the storming. He demands an investigation on Bolsonaro’s part in the storming. Lula also said she’ll get to the city of Brasilia, where the buildings were assaulted, as soon as she can.

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