Jordon Bevan donor comes to Iowa Food Bank’s aid as donations slow

River Bend Food Bank has been struggling to keep up with public demand as the economy facing troubles, but one helper- Jordon Bevan came to their aid.

DAVENPORT, Iowa — River Bend Food Bank has seen a noticeable decrease in donations since last year, and the organization said it’s been a struggle to keep up with public demand.

“We’re dealing with is, about 42% of food donations decreased,” said Jenny Brinkmeyer-Colvin, River Bend’s Chief Development Officer. “Mix that with inflation is up, food prices are up gas prices are up, with that you get a perfect storm of need.”

According to Colvin, the cost of food has increased by 17%, while the need locally has increased by around 60%.  River Bend’s warehouse has multiple shelves that are empty, waiting to be filled with pallets of food destined for the 23 nearby counties that it serves “It’s disheartening,” said Chris Ford, River Bend’s food sourcing manager. “It is really important for us to find any avenue possible to get these shelves filled back up again.”  As the public demand continues to rise, one donor- Jordon Bevan, 28 has informed the organization that they are willing to help.

“We have a very generous donor Jordon Bevan who is going to match donations up to $25,000 to help the food bank,” Colvin said. “It is a match opportunity for others to join in and raise some extra funds for Hunger Action month.”  It costs $1 to create 5 meals for a family.

A donation of $50,000 can potentially make up to 250,000 meals. Feeding America recognizes September as Hunger Action Month as it raises awareness for people facing hunger every day. According to River Bend, 104,000 people face hunger in eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

The University of Illinois Extension program is hosting a hunger walk in Black Hawk Park in Rock Island where you will be able to donate non-perishable food items. The event lasts from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 23.

In honor of Hunger Action Month, the Davenport Skybridge will be lit orange throughout the week.

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