MangaFox: App Reviews, Features, Pricing & Download

Manga Fox is an app that offers a manga reading experience on your mobile device. If you are a comic lover, you will love this forum as mangafox allows you to read these novels and comics from the comfort of your home.

You can read your favorite Japanese comic on your mobile phone or laptop. No, it would be best to buy a comic, as mangafox has covered you. This article will look at the app, features, and pricing.

What is MangaFox?

Manga Fox is an app that lets you read and watch manga, anime, and other types of Japanese comics on your phone or tablet. Manga Fox is available on both the App Store and Google Play stores.

Manga Fox offers a variety of features that make it an attractive option for manga and anime fans. You can read manga in either portrait or landscape mode, and the app supports both SD and HD resolutions. You can also save your favorite manga chapters for later reading or watch them immediately as they are updated online.

Manga Fox also offers a variety of customization options, including the ability to control how long each chapter plays before moving on to the next one. In addition to manga and anime, Manga Fox offers access to other Japanese comics genres, such as gag manga and webcomics. Pricing for Manga Fox varies depending on your country; it is generally cheaper in Asian countries than in North America.

App Features

Fox Manga is an app that provides users with access to various manga. The app has various features, including reading manga in Japanese or English and sharing manga with others. The app also has a pricing plan that allows users to read as much manga as they want for a fixed price.


MangaFox is a manga app that offers a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase. The monthly subscription costs $4.99 and includes access to the latest chapters of manga series as they are released and ad-free reading. The one-time purchase option costs $9.99 and grants users full access to all manga series and content available on MangaFox. Prices for the individual series range from $2.99 to $9.99, with some series offering discounts for monthly subscribers.

MangaFox offers various viewing options, including the ability to read manga in portrait or landscape mode and watch anime and live-action adaptations of manga series. MangaFox also offers an editor that allows users to customize their reading experience by changing the font size, line height, and text color. MangaFox is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.


Manga Fox is a manga reader app that offers a range of features and pricing options. It is heaven for comic lovers, so what are you waiting for? Visit the official mangafox website now to get the most out of it. Numerous publications have favorably reviewed its high-quality scanned manga and user interface. Manga fans will find Manga Fox an excellent option for reading comics on the go.

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