Online writing course 2023

Module 1: The function of the press release

Lesson 1: The function of the press release
Lesson 2: How does an editor or journalist read your press release?

Module 2: News value

Lesson 3: What is news value? (free trial lesson)
Lesson 4: How do you create news value?

Module 3: The structure of a press release

Lesson 5: A press release can be rolled up
Lesson 6: The W questions
Lesson 7: What does the press release look like?

Module 4: Attractive and stimulating press release

Lesson 8: The journalistic writing style
Lesson 9: Attractive and stimulating writing
Lesson 10: The headline of the press release
Lesson 11: The subheading of the press release
Lesson 12: Subheadings
Lesson 13: Processing quotes in the press release

Module 5: Preconditions for the press release

Lesson 14: Sending a press release
Lesson 15: The press release has been sent. And now?
Lesson 16: Calling back

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