Picuki- A detailed guide about this latest Instagram viewer and Editor

Now you don’t have to make anonymous Instagram accounts. Whether you want to monitor your competitor’s progress or stalk a friend without his permission. You need an additional account for that purpose. Picuki is your ultimate Instagram editor and viewer.

Instagram is the global photo-sharing app, but what about those tiny little profile pictures that are hard to save? This option is disabled on Instagram, so Picuki fills the void. Picuki allows users to save others’ profile pictures and videos without hassle.

It is fantastic to store pictures and videos without creating an account or logging in. Still, there is more you can search for accounts by typing their usernames in picuki’s dashboard. Please continue reading to see what picuki has to offer.

How does Picuki exactly work?

The most popular feature of Picuki is its dual capabilities. Yes, you can not only view Instagram stories anonymously here, but you can also edit them. To get started, go to Picuki’s official website and follow these simple steps:

  • Now you will see the Picuki dashboard; then, you can type in a username in the search bar.
  • There will be several similar names displayed after that.
  • Be sure to copy the correct Instagram account name, as some users have symbols and numbers in their profiles.
  • Once you have pasted your desired user’s name, you will get your selected user.
  • Now that you have successfully accessed his profile, you can view his recent posts and stories.
  • Click the circle with the profile picture on top to see a story about the person without letting him know.
  • Now you can watch stories in secret without worrying about anyone finding out.

Does Picuki works on a private Instagram account?

Picuki is free to use, but there are many negative reviews regarding this platform. However, if you are investigating a private account, you cannot access the unique features of Picuki.

If you’re interested in looking at a public account on Picuki, you can also edit it.

How to edit pics on Picuki?

Using Picuki video and photo editor is very convenient. Once you have saved images from your Instagram account, you can easily edit them. However, separate images from your mobile device cannot be edited.

Picuki is your ultimate Instagram search. 

The Instagram algorithm works like a search engine. The search engine will monitor your account activity and display relevant results if you are searching for something. The process is similar to Picuki, which works as a search engine for Instagram. You can find users by typing their account names.

After you finish searching, the list of users will appear on the screen. Moreover, you don’t need an account to watch Instagram trends. Picuki can take care of all your needs. Not just this, you can also see their Instagram followings and followers without knowing them.

What are the pros of using Picuki?

Picuki has many excellent features, some of which are discussed below.

  • Users can edit pictures, such as contrasting, brightening, and sharpening them, and you can also add filters to images saved by Picuki.
  • Creating an account is not necessary; you can visit your profile without creating any specific ID.
  • Even though you are not active on Instagram, Picuki allows you to watch content for free.
  • Picuki is an entirely safe, ad-free, and legal website.
  • It has both an apk and web version, which are both free.

Does hashtag work on picuki?

By using picuki, you can discover trending posts using hashtags. You can search accounts using hashtags.

What to do if picuki stops working?

Several apps may stop working due to a ban or excessive server load. Due to immense popularity, you may encounter picuki loading issues. However, don’t worry; the system will soon return to normal. Sometimes the problem can be fixed by clearing the cache on your device. By doing this, your Editor will operate at the same speed again.

How to edit photos in picuki?

You can easily edit your photos. You need to select the image you want to edit and then move to the editing feature. Now you can enjoy several features. In addition to adding filters to the picture to increase or dim the brightness, you can also resize and crop the image.

After you have edited a picture, you can save it to your computer or laptop. If you are using your computer, you can click the save button and instantly get your edited pictures. You can share the edited images with your friends as well. Your friend may think you can’t edit his little picture at the top of Instagram, but using picuki allows you to surprise them with beautiful images.


The ultimate Instagram viewer and editor “picuki” is now at your disposal. This forum allows you to stalk your ex anonymously, plus it has editing capabilities. Picuki is quite similar to many other apps available on the internet. All work well, but picuki is more popular these days, and there are no complaints on this forum.

In terms of privacy, there is no threat as the company will not share information with third parties. Our website is dedicated to providing viewers with authentic knowledge, so please visit our platform to stay informed. If you are looking for a platform to save Instagram profiles, picuki is a great place to explore.

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