Prom Dress 2023, Long and Short Dress

You know it: you’re invited to a party, but you don’t actually have anything in your closet that fits the Prom Dress. Especially when the dress is quite strict, it can sometimes cost a lot of money, more than you had planned in any case. And that is of course a shame for an evening! I myself have now had to look for a fairly specific dress several times, so I have a number of tips for scoring a beautiful outfit!

Wait a minute: before you buy, think about borrowing!

Before buying a dress; then take a look in the wardrobe of your girlfriends, sister or maybe even your mother. You really don’t always need a new dress, especially if you’re only going to wear it once! There are also shops that rent out dresses, but this is often not very cheap. But a good solution for when you can’t find an affordable dress of course!

Second-hand prom dresses

A really good tip before you start looking for a new one; check out the local thrift stores. Prom dresses are often things that are only worn a few times and then thrown away. That is why you can often find almost new ones in second-hand shops. You can also find beautiful long prom dresses on the internet, but my experience is that you pay a lot less in second-hand shops. But it might be worth a look!

Things that may have cost 100 euros new can easily be found for 15 euros in a second-hand store. And often second-hand shops also have prom dresses hanging, so it is highly recommended to look there first!

Long prom dress

It’s a rotten job; find a beautiful new long prom dress in the store that is also a bit affordable. And I mean long as in: to the ankles. For me it is always a kind of competition to find something beautiful for as little money as possible. A few shops I regularly visit:

The webshop of  Forever21


Jane Norman (often in the V&D) often has beautiful dresses in the sale. For the full price you soon pay 100 euros, but when it is on sale often a lot less.


You go to maxi (party) dresses, select your budget and there will be all kinds of copies within your budget. Highly recommended!

In those shops with crappy quality clothing, they sometimes also have beautiful dresses for an excellent price. Not just anywhere, but you might run into one!

Small addition: this article was already scheduled when I also came across this 15-euro dress. Who knows, you might even do something with it. That’s affordable!

A few more things with which you have a better chance of scoring the perfect long prom dress:

Look at dresses as far in advance as possible, every store you enter also quickly check whether they have beautiful dresses

Around Christmas and New Year’s Eve (afterward for the sale!), especially long prom dresses are sold. Keep an eye on the shops and webshops around that time!

Shoes and accessories

The ultimate tip: combine a somewhat less expensive long prom dress with beautiful accessories. That way, your dress doesn’t have to be perfect or dazzlingly beautiful. A basic dress with a striking necklace, a beautiful pair of earrings or that eye-catching pair of pumps do their job just as well as a great dress with basic accessories.

Often you already have something beautiful in the closet, but if this is not the case, a beautiful accessory is a lot cheaper than a dress. Do you also want to shop your accessories within the smallest possible budget? Then take a look at the following stores:





Zara (slightly more expensive, but you can score really nice luxury items there for when you have a basic dress)

And anyway again Asos , Zalando and Nelly because you will find many special things there

Those were some of my tips! I now have a few beautiful basic dresses hanging in my closet, so looking for an affordable long prom dress no longer gives me real stress; After all, I can always wear the dresses hanging in my closet. I am curious, what are your tips for finding a dress, any secret places where you have spotted a beautiful affordable long prom dress?


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