Superfood camel milk

Due to the high proportion of proteins, carbohydrates and natural vitamin C, superfood camel milk super is a very nutritious food. In addition, it contains less fat than comparatively cow’s milk, with a higher proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, which are beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels and for a healthy cardiovascular system. Camel milk is naturally probiotic and promotes healthy bacterial growth in the gut.
However, one of the most important properties of camel milk is its anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers at Cardiff Metropolitan University in England have shown that the lipids in camel milk can suppress several inflammatory reactions associated with type 2 diabetes. Please click for detailed documentation of the results here.

Camel milk can open new doors for diabetics

Type 2 diabetes is the most common metabolic disease in western industrialized nations. In Germany alone, around seven million people suffer from it – and the suffering is mostly self-inflicted. The most common cause is excess belly fat around the waist, resulting from an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise. Due to excess abdominal fat, the scavenger cells in our body (macrophages) receive too many danger signals. Therefore, they react with tissue-damaging inflammatory reactions, which occur in obesity with type 2 diabetes. Long-lasting, excessively high levels of inflammation can result in complications such as strokes and coronary heart disease.
Initial studies showed that when camel milk was added, these scavenger cells emitted fewer anti-inflammatory messengers.

Achieve the best with nutrition

Especially when you are already ill, it is all the more important to eat a balanced and healthy diet. It was shown that the consumption of camel milk can have health effects. Camel milk is an all-round healthy food that has the potential to promote healing processes in the body. Initial evidence already shows that the consumption of camel milk can help in the treatment of diabetes.

Camel milk to prevent diabetes?

The beneficial effect of camel milk in reducing inflammatory reactions has so far only been proven in laboratory studies. Further human clinical studies will investigate whether camel milk can completely prevent the inflammatory reactions associated with diabetes. If this is the case, the benefits that have been achieved so far from consuming camel milk can be reinforced, according to Keith Morris, professor of biomedicine and biostatistics at Cardiff Metropolitan University . Whether camel milk can actually be used to prevent diabetes will be the subject of further studies.


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