The Best Pizza Franchises – Which One Is Worth Your Investment 2022?

The best Pizza  Franchises

The best Pizza  Franchises – an American classic. The bread, the cheese, the crust, what’s not to love? Americans love pizza: We eat 350 slices every second, or 23 pounds of pizza for every person every year. Owning a pizzeria is a dream for many people but it can be hard to differentiate your pizzeria from the thousands of others out there. However, a good way to open a pizza chain that people will know about early on is to open a franchise. Some of the most popular and profitable franchises in the United States are pizza restaurants, with hundreds more opening each year.

If you’re interested in opening a pizza franchise, then you’ll want to open one of the best ones. There are a few different categories you might be interested in: revenue, growth franchisee satisfaction, and low start-up costs are just a few areas to consider. In this article, we’ve found the best restaurant franchises in each of these categories to help you decide which pizza franchise might be right for you.

Make sure you are familiar with how franchise businesses work before considering an investment.

When Americans think of pizza, many think of Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s is one of the largest and most well-known pizza chains in the United States, but it is also extremely popular internationally, with more than 10,000 locations outside of the United States. But despite having more than 16,500 locations worldwide, the company still plans to open 2,00 more locations in the United States in the next eight years and 10,000 more locations globally by 2025. Domino calls this strategy a “fortress.” », and your goal is to take the time to get a pizza from a store less than 30 minutes away. The company ideally wants a Domino’s pizza to take less time than making a frozen pizza at home.

But even with so many locations around the world, Domino’s. still manages to be one of the top revenue-generating pizza franchises, too. On average, a single Domino’s location generates $1.1M in revenue each year. With average startup costs of around $330,000, this also makes Domino’s one of the best franchises for top-of-the-line ROI. For anyone interested in opening a pizza franchise, Domino’s should be one of their best options, and Domino’s is obviously going to need a lot of new franchisees soon!

Fastest Growing: MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza is a bit of a lesser-known pizza franchise, so if you haven’t heard of it, don’t feel too bad. Founded in 2008 in Seattle, WA, the company serves made-to-order pizza and salads. The company is also committed to community involvement through efforts like paying above industry standards, hiring people with disabilities, and selling “impact pizzas” to raise money for good causes.

While the pizza and culture are good, what has really made MOD stand out recently is that they are one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America in recent years, and probably the fastest growing. The company has grown from 192 locations in 2017 to 471 in 2019, a growth of 145%! And they’re not even close to stopping. In 2019, the Ministry of Defense announced that it has raised more than $160 million in funding so that it can reach 1,000 locations over the next five years. So, for anyone looking to jump on the fastest-growing bandwagon, look no further than MOD Pizza.

Lowest Start-Up Costs: Domino’s

Domino’s Pizza has to make a second appearance on this list because, in addition to being one of the top revenue-generating pizza. Franchisesit’s also one of the cheapest to open. Total startup costs for a Domino’s franchise range from $103,000 to $570,000, so on average they can be estimated to be around $330,000. This is well below other restaurant franchises that can cost millions of dollars to open. So while opening a Domino’s isn’t exactly cheap, it is within the reach of most people who really want to own a pizza franchise.

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