The Prague leads payments with Bitcoins 2023

Bitcoin is not a fashionable cryptocurrency, it is here to stay and still shows no signs of stagnation. Yes, it is true, in the last few months we have witnessed its value fall due to the fluctuations of the markets and the speculative maneuvers of investors (but the same goes for any other currency).

The history and origin of Bitcoin began in 2010 when an American programmer named Laszlo Hanyecz bought a pizza paying with Bitcoins, the pizza cost 10,000 bitcoins. The curious thing is that that amount today is equivalent to 25 million dollars.

In this post we will talk about the main cryptocities, so-called because they accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

If you travel to any of the following cities you can use Bitcoins to make your purchases, on the Internet you will find many pages that explain how to buy them.


In the first place is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is the city that uses the Bitcoin cryptocurrency the most as a form of payment. In fact, it has the largest number of vendors that accept Bitcoins as an alternative currency, used for purchases and even as a form of payment for work. In addition, the Czech Republic has a large number of companies that pay their workers with Bitcoins, such as the town of Žatec, which has more than 50 companies that accept BTC. If you go to work at Žatec you can request that they pay you in Bitcoins and they will not look at you with a strange face.

Buenos Aires

In second place is the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The reasons are mainly related to the extreme volatility of the national currency, subject to constant inflation problems that in recent years have led the country to collapse. In general, beyond Buenos Aires there are several cities in South America that, having these same problems, are considering cryptocurrency as an alternative to traditional money. Among them, Caracas and Venezuela, which have even launched Petro, their own cryptocurrency. In São Paulo there are already more than 30 companies that accept BTC as currency.

San Francisco

On the third step of the podium, San Francisco could not be missing, with more than 100 companies accepting BTC as an alternative payment system to the US dollar. On the other hand, California and Silicon Valley cannot pass up BTC, given the high degree of innovation that both cities present. Silicon Valley is recognized worldwide for its technological advances and logically it should be among the first cities to accept BTC.

The other cryptocities

To complete our ranking of the cities where BTC is widely used, we have Madrid, New York, Amsterdam, Bogotá, Vancouver, London and Paris.

But this ranking is bound to change very soon, given the increasingly sudden rise of regions like the Middle East and countries in Africa. In fact, the cities with the highest growth in Bitcoin are; Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Cape Town in South Africa, Melbourne, and Sydney, where businesses are realizing the potential of these new digital payment systems.

The reason for using bitcoins in certain countries such as Argentina and South American countries is that in these regions the economy suffers from structural and cyclical problems that endanger economic stability. Inflation in these countries is very high and one way to keep money safe is through cryptocurrencies, it is a way to keep savings protected from any economic collapse.

Finally, we have China, which initially accepted cryptocurrency but changed its mind for fear of not being able to control the currency, at the moment in China it is not possible to pay with BTC.


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