Ultimate Guide to Inspect Your Motorcycle Thoroughly Before a Ride

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As motorbikes are more vulnerable to accidents, you must inspect your motorcycle thoroughly to ensure a safe ride. Here are tips that will help.

It is generally advised for vehicle owners to engage in a regular inspections of their vehicles to avoid any accidents. However, suppose you are a motorcycle owner. In that case, you need to be extra conscious about the inspection of your car, as motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries and, in the worst cases, death. It is also essential to undertake the appropriate method to inspect your motorcycle. Read through to find out all these methods.


But before moving on to the functional inspection of the vehicle, it is essential to ensure that your bike is appropriately maintained and all the features are working fine. For example, consider replacing a mirror as soon as possible if the mirror is damaged. Also, you need to ensure that your bike horn is properly audible; that will help you to indicate your fellow drivers and make them conscious of your presence. 


Safety while driving is another important thing you must ensure before starting your journey. This includes carrying a proper helmet to save the head in case of injuries, a disc lock to ensure the vehicle’s safety, and riding gears for bike to withstand abrasion. While purchasing these accessories, you need to go for quality products only with an assured warranty.

Tips To Inspect Your Motorcycle The Right Way:

Check The Wheels And Tyres:

The wheels and tyres are an essential part of the motorcycle that ensures a smooth roll on the road. Therefore you need to ensure that they are in perfect condition before heading on to a long or short journey. Check for any tear and wear or bulges on the tyre’s surface to make your ride safer. Another crucial thing to check is the tyre pressure. 

The tyres should be inflated according to the factory’s recommended level. If your tyre loses the optimum pressure required for smooth functioning, you must grab your tyre inflator and inflate some air quickly before starting your journey. Along with the tyres, you should also look at your wheels and check for broken, bent, or missing spokes. 

Check The Control System:

Ensure that the control system of your motorcycle is working fine. This might include a perfect adjustment of the levers, pedals, handlebars, and handgrips. Also, check whether your throttle makes any sound while turning the handlebars. If any problem is found, consider fixing it or contact a mechanic as early as possible.

Inspect The Oil And Fluid Levels:

A machine needs enough lubrication and various forms of fluids to make it run smoothly. Therefore check whether you have an optimum level of fuel, coolants, engine oil, and other fluids such as transmission and hydraulic. To make sure that you are safe on the road, inspect any fluid leaks in your vehicle.

Ensure The Electrics And Lights Are Working Fine:

The first thing that your motorcycle requires to start is the battery. If your battery is not in good condition, your motorcycle will not start. Sometimes the root causes of battery problems are unclean battery terminals or incorrect electrolyte levels. Check them thoroughly and maintain them well.

Along with the electrical system, you also need to check that all the lights in your vehicle are working fine. For example, disputed turn signals might confuse and eventually lead to accidents. Moreover, the brake lights and the headlamps should be tested before a ride.

Ensure A Proper Condition Of The Stand:

Not only is it essential to ensure that your bike runs smoothly, but it is also important to check whether the stands are in good condition so that the vehicle can be supported well during the time of the halt. If the springs in the stand don’t possess enough tension, it will prove a failure in making your vehicle stand upright, which might also lead to significant damage.

Inspect The Condition Of The Chassis:

This would be the final step to secure a successful inspection. The chassis refers to the body of your vehicle. Inspect all the bushings and bearings, the chain, and accessory mounts. In case any damage is found, repair them immediately.

Final Thoughts:

Suppose you find any disputes during the inspection. In that case, you need to consult an experienced mechanic as soon as possible who will inspect your motorcycle thoroughly and make it safe for a long journey. If they recommend any repair accessories and you are searching for the best online platform to purchase them, Carorbis would be the best choice. 

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