Webtoon XYZ – Detailed Review of Story Telling World

Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of availability of your latest released comic in bookstores? The digital age allows you to get all your favourite comics in one place without messing with your cupboard.

With innovative websites like Webtoon xyz, you can read your favourite comics from home on your mobile phone or laptop. This forum contains a massive collection of comics.

You can also earn handsome revenue through storytelling if you are a passionate writer and love to share your stories. These users aren’t just enjoying Japanese comics and making good money from webtoons.

Now you may be wondering how one can earn from webtoons. In our detailed review, we will cover everything, so if you have a talent for writing stories, keep reading because this article is for you.

What is Webtoon xyz? 

A website like a webtoon mainly supports talented writers in publishing their marvellous stories, but if you are an avid reader, then a webtoon is definitely for you. Webtoon is worth checking out if you have an account in mind but are not getting an excellent platform to introduce it to the world.

Webtoon is home to comic and story writers who can earn money through advertising. The stories are usually free, but sometimes the writers keep them private, so a subscription is required for each page.

Webtoon xyz has a special section called canvas, where artists can publish free work and get paid for page views. Webtoon makers have held several contests for the best comics.

In 2020, the grand prize was around US$ 150000 based on an interactive theme called Brain and Heart Anthology. In 2022, webtoon launched a new contest called call to action comics, where users can win US$50,000 and the title of the webtoon original.

Is Webtoon xyz Free?

Webtoon is free, and you can start reading your favourite manga, a Japanese comic, without signing up. Since I’m a comic lover, I’ve personally explored the site; from picture clarity to amusing subtitles, everything makes you more addicted to the story, and the real-life experience is outstanding. The content on webtoons is tremendous, and most of the comics are free as creators allow the public to read them without hassle. However, for some stories, you need to purchase using webtoon currency. You can wait some time to view your favourite tale if it is not public yet.

Webtoon Translation Feature 

In webtoons, most stories are in English, but their translation feature sets them apart. Some people cannot enjoy their favourite comics due to language barriers, but with webtoons, you can enjoy reading a book using the translation feature. On the Webtoon xyz website, there is an option for other translations. The author can use another language besides English; fans can post translations of their favourite comics.

Wide variety of Comics

As a passionate comic lover, every series of Japanese manga present on webtoon is perfect. Webtoon covers every category, so you will get every kind of comic based on your preference. The website has a clean interface, so you navigate the comic of your choice, and the sections make your search easier.

Suppose you are in the mood to read the sci-fi genre. Various options are available, like The Gamer, City of Bank, Space Boy, and many more. Some other genres, such as superheroes, romance, thriller, comedy, fantasy, and drama, are most famous on this platform.

Does Webtoon XYZ have an app? 

The webtoon apk version is available for Android, so you can enjoy comics more conveniently once you’ve installed the application.

How to Sell your stories on webtoon?

Once you make your account webtoon xyz, you can sell your storytelling services here. Webtoon has recently launched a canvas feature just for artists with eye-captivating user stories. You can earn a pretty significant amount from their ad revenue Sharing program.

To become eligible for their earning program, you must fulfil their guidelines, such as 1k subscribers and 40k global page views. After that, you can apply for their program and earn from ad popups.

If you are wondering how one can reach such a broader audience on webtoon, don’t worry; Webtoon has a professional academy on its website. You can take their help; they will teach you everything to get started if you are a beginner in this forum.

If your performance is excellent on this platform, you can get extra income between $100-$1000, so learn everything with focus.

How to publish your stories on webtoons?

Webtoon xyz is a very professional website that allows users to post their own written stories, and folks can learn from them quickly. The process is simple: Go to Webtoon’s official website and sign up with your business email.

  • Go to their Publish page and pick the genre that fits perfectly for your story.
  • Now it’s time to post the first part of your story, and make sure not to post the whole story at once, as this will never hook your reader,
  • To maintain the curiosity among readers, make sure to post episodes daily or weekly,
  • Choose a good thumbnail that perfectly describes your story; the picture must be attractive enough to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to write a brief introduction to the story and describe the principal elements and concepts to engage readers.
  • The comic world is all yours if you write an exciting story and you get some feedback from avid readers.


If you love to write, you should explore Webtoon XYZ as it is the innovation of the digital age, and we hope our detailed review is helpful. We would love to help our readers with questions regarding their forum, so please feel free to visit their website or mention it in the comments below. We have carefully reviewed this website based on our analysis, so dive in and check it out yourself.

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