What is the best time for permanent hair removal?

Will treatments such as waxing and epilation disappear?

In our Waxing & Epilating Course, you will learn how to perform these treatments for hair removal perfectly. They are indispensable and much sought-after treatments, which will certainly not disappear. They remain effective treatments. This also applies to sugar waxing, among other things . You also often see that after many waxing and epilation treatments, the hairs become less or even stay away. For a longer or permanent result, it is better to opt for the diode laser. By training yourself in this form of permanent hair removal, you can respond more efficiently to the wishes of your customers. You can offer those customers who keep complaining about the recurring hairs an excellent solution!

The diode laser for permanent hair removal

You used to hear a lot about IPL treatments. These are also permanent hair removal treatments. However, the diode laser is gaining ground. Unlike IPL, this laser is suitable for all skin types. So also for dark and very dark skin. The diode laser uses laser light at one wavelength. This laser has a higher power and can also reach the deep hair roots. With this unique wavelength and the high concentration of energy you can work very purposefully. Thanks to the very short energy release, the hair follicle is destroyed, but not the surrounding skin. In addition, the laser in the treatment head is equipped with a cooling system, which protects the skin extra. So you can work very safely with this.

What is the best time to start this treatment?

You will notice in practice that customers ask about treatments for permanent hair removal, especially by the time it comes to summer. It is mainly during this period that they are disturbed by stubble, ingrown hairs, forgotten hairs and irritated skin. To prevent this, it is better to make your customers aware of starting diode laser treatments in the fall or winter. Usually between 6 to 10 treatments are needed to achieve the desired result. You should also take into account that the treatments should always be carried out between 6 and 12 weeks.

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Would you also like to relieve your customers of all the frustrations surrounding hair removal? Then don’t wait any longer and start at Wellness Academy with a Definitive Hair Removal Course (diode laser) ! Working with the diode laser must be done safely and responsibly, but because of the advanced technology, this is very easy to learn. The course consists of one day from 10:00 to 17:00. Afterwards you will receive a certificate and you can immediately offer this treatment to your customers. You do not have to make large investments in equipment to follow this course. All supplies are available during class. You must first follow the Beauty Care Course.


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