Who is Allison Stokke?-Age, Networth, and Early life

Did you know Allison Stokke is America’s athlete who became an internet sensation overnight. Yes, you heard it right. She is famous for breaking records in high school pole vaulting. The full name of Allison is Allison Rebecca stokke. The Fitness freak and current model Allison gained immense fame only at seventeen. Today, we will discuss Allison’s early life, age, net worth, and Early life. So keep reading this article till the end to know everything about your favourite athlete, Allison Stokke.

The early life of Allison Stokke

Allison was born on March 22, 1989. Her hometown is Newport beach, California. We can say that the sporting talent comes from her Genes. Yes, her father Allan and mother Cindy belong to sports, and her brother named David is known as a national level youth gymnast.

When She was done with gymnastics, she joined Newport Harbour school. She managed to get a good reputation in her school to become the best young vaulter in the country. When it comes to breaking, Allison never stopped herself from breaking records.

In 2004 she won the championship title in the United States with a record of 3.81m(12 fit 6 in). This was just the beginning of Allison’s successful career. In 2005 she broke her record of 4.11m to 4.14m. Allison’s hard work Allison was inspirational for all of us. At one point, she broke her leg to land correctly, but all this pain was worth it. She gained popularity worldwide.

How did Allison become an internet sensation?

2007 was the year for Allison when her photos were shared on a website with the caption “Pole vaulting is sexy. Barely Legal”.

The journalist wanted to sue mattUffordd for uploading athletes’ pictures, but it was very late. Allison’s pictures were breaking the internet and the website got thousands of visitors overnight.

After that, Allison got many interview calls from well-known magazines and newspapers such as the New York times and many more. Everyone used to call her a beautiful athlete.

What is her age, height, and net worth?

As a fitness freak athlete and model, Alisson is 5 fit 7 inches tall, and her weight is 52kgs. According to recent reports, this 32-year model is making good money, and she has wealth of around 600 thousand dollars, and the amount will be double in upcoming years due to her sports and modelling career.


We hope Allison fans will enjoy reading our article. If you want to be like Allison, you can visit her Instagram and other social media handles. Allison shares her lifestyle with fans on her social media, so you can keep yourself updated with Allison stoke by visiting her account. She is genuinely inspiring for all of us, and we are hoping for her more success in the future. If you want to know more about celebrities and sports athletes, visit our website.

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