3 things that will happen to your body if you don’t wash for 2 days

Showering is part of the daily routine for most of us. But honestly: who has never taken off the shower in the morning due to lack of time? After reading the following, you will see that taking a morning shower will become your priority. Sensitive souls, abstain.

Of course, if you don’t wash yourself every day, you can imagine what is happening to your body.

Watch for bacterial growth.

According to a recent article published by TwentyTwoWords, bacteria point to the tip of your nose if you don’t wash for two days in a row.

There are about 1000 species of bacteria in the human body and 40 species of fungi.

It sounds huge, but fear not: most of them are indispensable and even useful for us.

But some are not!

And if you don’t wash for two days, harmful bacteria irritate your skin, sometimes entering your eyes, nose or mouth. So you have a good chance of getting sick.

“If you don’t wash every day, hello body odor. »

Bacteria are often responsible for the famous body odor.

Short explanation: The bacteria themselves do not smell.

Bacteria give off gases. And it is precisely these famous gases that cause bad body odors.

And when you know that just one of these bacteria can give off around thirty unpleasant odors, you better not skip the morning “shower”!

Wash daily to keep your skin healthy. If you’re still not convinced, here’s the last argument that might make you change your mind.

Staying clean is vital for skin!

For example, if you wear damp (sweating) clothes on your body after exercising, your skin will become irritated and sometimes even leave micro-lesions on the surface. You may therefore increase your risk of bacterial and fungal infections such as staph or a yeast infection that causes groin itching.

It is therefore important to change sportswear for each session and do not hesitate to keep your armpits, groin and face clean as these are the areas that attract the most bacteria.

Too much showering is bad for your health?

To tone down these statements, many say that showering too much is not so good.
In fact, water (also limestone) and hygiene products disrupt the skin barrier. The skin plays a role as a natural shield against attacks as it forms a protective film.

However, experts agree (for the most part) that repeated showers only upset this balance.

Especially by using products that are not necessarily suitable for your skin type. Sometimes too many chemicals mixed in remove oil from the skin’s surface, which can make it dry and flaky.

But remember that if you bathe every day, no one can complain about your body odor.

* Presse Santé strives to convey health knowledge in a language accessible to all. In NO CASE can the information given replace the advice of a doctor.

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