5Tips for Choosing your Plastic Surgery

5 Tips For Choosing Your Plastic Surgery

You may still be deciding if cosmetic surgery is the right option for you. Or maybe you know exactly what procedure you want to have or what result you want to achieve. Either way, the most important decision you will make will be choosing the right cosmetic surgery to achieve your dreams. Make sure you make the decision that makes the most sense, and above all, do your homework ahead of time, and find the doctor who is the best fit for you

1- Ask For References

Have your friends or family members undergone plastic surgery procedures? If so, ask them about their experiences. If you don’t know anyone who has gone under the beauty knife, do some research on the web about the clinic and the doctor who will do the procedure. Ask the online community for their opinions or check out the doctor’s social media to see what his past clients are saying.

2- Research The Credentials Of The Plastic Surgery

It is essential that the specialist be part of the scientific society that brings them together. This guarantees that he complies with the studies and accreditations necessary to work. The most important associations are: the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), American Society of Plastic Surgeory (ASPS), American Society of Rhinoplasty, among others.
The qualified, competent and certified Plastic Surgery is one who has the titles of:

General Surgery Specialist
Specialist in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery.
All this certifies that the doctor has been prepared and trained in the specialty of General Surgery, a prerequisite in all countries to access the Sub-specialty of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, and that he has PASSED all written and oral exams.

3. Consider The Experience Of The Plastic Surgery

Experience matters when you are considering plastic surgery. The more experience a plastic surgeryhas with a condition or procedure, the better the results will be. Such experience allows the plastic surgery to prevent surgical complications and quickly recognize them if they occur. Ask how many patients with your specific condition the plastic surgeon has treated. If you need a specific procedure, ask how many procedures of that type the surgeon has performed and the complication rates he has encountered.

4. Evaluate The Communication Style

Choose a plastic surgery with whom you feel comfortable speaking and who supports your information needs. When you first meet with the plastic surgery, ask a question and see how he responds. Does he or she accept your questions and answer them in a way that you can understand? Does the plastic surgery offer you personalized options for your needs? Are the before and after photos available for you to review? Find a plastic surgerywho is interested in getting to know you, considers your treatment preferences, and respects your decision-making process.

5.- Exceptional Results

When most people think of plastic surgery, they think of the results they hope to achieve, but not all plastic surgery stories end well. If you’ve ensured that your potential surgery has the experience and expertise, you’re on the right track in choosing the right doctor, but he or she must also produce exceptional results.

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