The first visit is crucial

It is very important that, on the first visit, you are seen by the surgeon who is going to perform the operation. In this way, you will be able to be honest with him, communicate your wishes and expectations that you have, and also the doubts that the intervention raises.

In this first visit, the surgeon will make an assessment of your case to advise the best technique and the most appropriate type of intervention for you.

The surgeon will explain to you what the surgery consists of and will clarify all your doubts . The way in which the information is transmitted to you must be clear and, above all, realistic. A good surgeon will answer all your questions and will be specific when explaining the details of the intervention . He will explain the type of anesthesia that is going to be used, what the post-operative period will be like, and he will also explain the complications that may arise from the intervention.

The impression you have from your first visit is very important. The attention and treatment that the surgeon gives you will be a reference of how his attention and dedication can be in the event that you decide to operate with him. A surgeon who treats you in a hurry on the first visit and with few explanations is unlikely to later give you the attention you expect in the case of doubts or complications.

The curriculum and academic training

The doctor’s academic training and curriculum are a good starting point to learn about his good work. Make sure if he is a member of the SECPRE (Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery) and the AECEP (Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), which are the professional societies to which the most highly qualified doctors belong. Doctors who do not have official qualifications are not admitted to these societies. Oddly enough, in our country there are many doctors who perform plastic and cosmetic surgery who, even though they are doctors, do not have official qualifications. This official degree only is the title of specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery issued by the Ministry of Education .

It is also important that you value other prestigious professional societies of plastic and aesthetic surgeons to which you may belong and if you have received awards or recognitions for your professional career. All this will allow you to make a deeper and more professional assessment of the person.

On the subject of the curriculum, for the uninitiated, it is difficult to distinguish the wheat from the chaff . There are lots of little certificates of attendance at courses, congresses and master’s degrees that are obtained by mere attendance at them, but this does not guarantee adequate training . A very indicative criterion of professional qualification is to know the positions they have held in different entities. For example, a professional who has held specialty positions in public hospitals is necessarily in possession of the degree, since these organizations require it.

Be wary of those who only qualify as cosmetic surgeons or master’s degrees in cosmetic surgery of any kind since, under these denominations, those who are not in possession of official qualifications tend to hide. When in doubt, the Official College of Physicians of your province can inform you of which physicians have official qualifications without them going to tell anyone by asking, it is their obligation towards the citizen.

The experience of the plastic surgeon and the team

The experience and trajectory of the surgeon are decisive since a long professional career implies a greater knowledge of the technique to be used according to the type of intervention. And this also applies to the team. Typically, the plastic surgeon always works with the same team of anesthetists, assistants and nurses.

On your first visit with the surgeon, find out about his career and the type of interventions he has performed, and also about the career and experience of the team he works with.

For example, if you are thinking of undergoing breast augmentation surgery , choose a surgeon with extensive experience in this type of intervention. With this you ensure the greatest excellence in the result.

The evaluations and recommendations of other patients

Normally, a surgeon with a long experience and trajectory, usually has reviews and evaluations of his patients. You can check them on their own website, in Google reviews or in forums that deal with this topic . Look for reviews online and ask in forums so that patients who have had surgery with it can give you their opinion. Unfortunately there are undesirable people who can put negative comments for the mere desire to try to discredit. These comments are easy to spot if you have a good critical eye.

You can also find out from close people, who can recommend a surgeon, either from their own experience or from the experience of someone close.

Pre-operative studies and preparation for the intervention

Prior to any plastic surgery intervention, some preoperative studies must be carried out. They are a fundamental part of the intervention , since they allow the surgeon and the anesthetist to take the pertinent precautions and guarantee that the intervention will be carried out in the best safety conditions for the patient.

In some interventions, preoperative marking is also one of the fundamental parts to guarantee a satisfactory result.

Post-operative and follow-up visits

After any intervention, a series of postoperative guidelines and recommendations must be followed to avoid complications. It is also important that the surgeon make an appointment with you to make the necessary postoperative check-ups that allow him to verify the good evolution of the recovery and that everything is in order.

It is important that you have good communication access with your surgeon during the postoperative period in case of doubts or problems that may arise. A good professional will provide you with a direct contact telephone number for any incident that may arise. Of course he expects you to use it in case of need and not misuse it.

Another important aspect to assess is the availability of your surgeon to be able to attend you . A surgeon who has consultations in different cities may not be available the day you need him. In this sense, it is always advisable to choose a professional close to your town of residence.

The price of intervention: mistrust what is good, beautiful and cheap

Undergoing plastic surgery is a very serious decision . And we must take it as such. For this reason, price should not be the main factor in choosing between one surgeon or another. If you only focus on finding the cheapest price , you will be overlooking a number of key priority factors . Be wary of those who offer promotional offers or seasonal discounts. In general, the best professionals have a slightly higher “cache”, which is the case in all professions. The most expensive are not necessarily the best either. Use your good judgment to assess it .



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