Cost of moving to the Netherlands from the US

If you are interested in settling down in the Netherlands, there are many things you should consider. The costs of moving, housing, and traveling can bear an incredible impact on your decisions. You should analyze your options thoroughly to make a decision that will best help your current life situation.

Many US residents choose to move out of the country to settle down in the Netherlands. The weather, cost of living, and safety are some important traits to consider that the European country offers. A detailed analysis of the advantages and expenditures is given below.

Why should you move to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is a popular destination for families looking to settle down. The country has a lot to offer and has better facilities than many other establishments. Here’s why your move to the Netherlands is advantageous:

  1. Safety

Move To the Netherlands From the US to truly experience a safe environment and a sincere population. The crime rates in the Netherlands are extremely low, making it one of the safest countries in the world. Low homicide rates and minimal pickpocketing make this country favorable for living for all families seeking security.

The Dutch government believes in rehabilitation rather than punishment. The people believe in morally educating people and making them responsible citizens rather than general punishments prevalent in the rest of the world. The low crime rates are a direct result of these steps taken by the local government and the decline in the number of prison cells in the country.

  1. Climate

An American Moving to the Netherlands will appreciate the cool weather of the country. The Netherlands doesn’t experience extreme temperatures making it a country favorable for living throughout the year. It experiences a temperate climate which is preferable to most people.

The country experiences an average temperature of 3 degree Celsius during winter and about 17 degrees Celsius during the summer. It experiences snow for about 25 days a year, making the conditions the best for experiencing all weather without bearing the repercussions. The country remains humid and cloudy for most of the year, with cool conditions favoring your mood.

  1. Job and educational opportunities

The Move To the Netherlands From the US is hassle-free, with adequate job offers in the Netherlands. Even if you don’t have any experience under your belt, the Netherlands is one of the best countries, which encourages people to pursue different professions with good pay.

Speaking from the educational perspective, there are many schools with English as their medium of teaching, which will help make your switch easier. With numerous institutions to suit your higher education needs, the country offers ample educational opportunities to aspiring students in a variety of fields.

Although Dutch is the most prevalent language in the Netherlands, you will find many English speakers enough to get through your essential needs. The community is incredibly welcoming, and you will pick up the local language in no time with some practice and effort. This will help you blend in and form better connections.

What is the cost of moving to the Netherlands?

Moving to a new country can require a big budget heavy on your wallet. Analyzing if the move is within your budget and if the advantages outweigh your inhibitions is vital to ensure you don’t regret your decision. A complete breakdown of your moving expenditure is done below to help you get a good idea about how much your move will cost.

  1. Housing costs

Searching for a place of residence is the primary step to moving. A place of living can be hard to acquire for a new mover to the community, and making good progress in your talks with a realtor is necessary even before you apply for a visa.

The cost of living is 20% less expensive in the Netherlands than in the US. A single person residing in the country will need at least 2000 euros to support themselves and their expenses. Depending on your budget and the size of your family, you can either purchase a property or rent a place to fit your needs.

An American Moving to the Netherlands will find it easier to bind well to the local community if they have already sourced a place of living. You can make friends with your neighbors and learn more about your surroundings than when you base yourself on a hotel.

A temporary residence permit is allowed for people wishing to settle in the Netherlands. You can then apply for a permanent permit when you meet the requirements and specifications of the document.The permit is crucial to get public services and housing options. A good conversation with your realtors will help you stay on top of all the documents needed for your move.

  1. Relocation costs

The Move To the Netherlands From the US will require you to acquire the services of an entrusted relocation service to transport all your belongings to the Netherlands. Your furniture, vehicles, and other items will be weighed and charged appropriately.

Many companies help in your move to a new place regardless of how far away you currently reside. It is advisable to size down the number of goods you wish to transport in your move to the essential items which cannot be done without and items of sentimental value. Selling most of your belongings and purchasing them locally is a good option for most movers.

Your items are shipped either by air or by sea. Depending on your budget and urgency, either option may be chosen through an entrusted relocation service that will deliver your items to the precise location by road. Making a decision with ample time for your move will help you plan your budget better and help you move comfortably to your new place.

You should research the available options for the shipment of your goods within your budget before deciding on the services. Trustworthy services should be prioritized over pricing to ensure a means of safe transport and easy move to countries that are far apart, like the Netherlands and the US.

  1. Transportation expenditure

An American Moving to the Netherlands might need to travel back and forth a few times to ensure a smooth move to the new place. Closing out your old home’s needs and checking the progress on your new house, contacting local services for electricity, water supply, internet, and mobile services are some steps to take before you make a move.

Many people travel to the Netherlands to explore their options before settling down in one place. Evaluating your options of cities and towns by visiting the locations will help you get a better idea about how it feels to live in the region before you make a call.

Popular cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Delft require you to make many visits to ensure your place of residence in the competitive market. Making Sure your paperwork is legitimate and organizing the space for a move-in can take more effort than you imagine. Moving into quieter towns will also require a good amount of work to build up your living space and job searches to facilitate your move.

Flight prices and land transport costs can add up quickly and cause a significant dent in your wallet. Staying mindful of your budget and planning your travels beforehand is crucial to not overspending in an effort to facilitate your move to the Netherlands.


Your move to the Netherlands can be a refreshing change to your lifestyle. The tulip fields and cycle routes are just the tip of the iceberg of the advantages of moving to this incredible country. Earth Relocation provides quality moving services to help you move to any part of the world, no matter how far you currently live. With great care for your belongings and affordable prices, Earth Relocation is the best in the business for all your relocation needs. Get in touch and book a service today!

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