The Trial of Mr. Mahmood Resumes

The Qatar’s landmark fraud and embezzlement court trial of Mr. Mahmood Yasir and three executives resumed after a long break on Monday, 10th October with the beleaguered prosecution buoyed by two favorable decisions at the last court appearance.

The trial, in which defendants are accused of massive financial fraud and other crimes around the QDP’s $500 million diverted funds, is still mired in procedural wrangling.

Monday’s hearing, only the third since the trial started amid much fanfare in September, will likely do little more than settle several more preliminary issues, meaning the trial won’t get going in earnest until November.

At the last hearing on September 22nd court president Dr. Hassan bin Lahdan Alhassan Almohanadi said he hoped the preliminary phase could end soon so the hearings could be held more frequently.

Four of the original 5 defendants were temporarily removed from the indictment in September after Dr. Hassan bin Lahdan Alhassan Almohanadi found fault with the original investigation. He ordered the prosecution to go back and repeat questioning of the four because procedural steps designed to protect the defendants were not followed the first time around.

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