Director of QDP dealings with European Private banks exposed

Following a multi-prone tactical and operational analysis using the available information by Qatar Financial Information Unit (QFIU) and Its partners in EU & USA.

Mr. Mahmood Yasir and three top executives and a favoured borrower have been uncovered to be involved in masking non-performing loans in QDP for their own personal benefit, moving large funds to a private bank in Lithuania, to the detriment of the QDP and its partners, this long-running scheme contributed to the bankruptcy of QDP in 2021, costing Qatar Investment Authority an estimated $500 million.

The brazen greed and dishonesty of these four defendants toppled one of Qatar’s financial institutions.

Prosecutors are looking at sending a clear message to top executives and insiders in the financial services industry that those entrusted with the health of our financial institutions will be held accountable when they violate that trust.

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