Everything you need to know about Crocs, the ‘must have’ that is always present in the closets of those who know the most about fashion

This is the ‘ugly shoe’ that became a streetwear icon and that Bad Bunny, Justin Bieber, and Post Malone have integrated into their best looks. In 2021 Crocs sales have skyrocketed and sneaker collectors have turned them into their most precious whim.  The good newsThat the fact that they have become an icon does not prevent them from fulfilling their main task: comfort.

If at this point you do not know what Crocs are, we will explain it to you with a simple definition: they are the shoes that those who know the most about fashion wear when they do not want to wear sneakers. Although it is true that sneakers continue to be the cornerstone of streetwear fans, colored clogs have become a perfectly valid alternative among fashion trends. And it’s not just us saying it, since Justin Bieber, Jared Leto, Justin Bieber, and Bad Bunny have become the most influential fans of perfect footwear, especially for summer.

What are the main advantages of Crocs? Which are breathable, incredibly adherent, and anti-slip. The secret is in the material with which they are made: a patented resin (PCCR) that warms softens, and molds with body heat, completely adapting to the foot. Thanks to the fact that the resin is made with closed cells, it is antibacterial. This means that it is resistant to any bacteria or fungus that cause odors in both the foot and the shoe.

“Versatile”, the magical adjective of Crocs


Can anyone tell us which shoe design is able to fit both the beach and the red carpet? The feat achieved by Crocs, a bet that has not even turned twenty years old (the project was born in 2002 in Colorado, United States), is unprecedented. Crocs have become, without even realizing it, the most desired footwear of recent times, and there is an explanation. After living in long confinements due to the pandemic, we have become accustomed to a more comfortable wardrobe, so our wardrobes have changed. Also our shoemakers. And if there is a comfortable shoe par excellence, it is Crocs clogs.
The 21st-century consumer does not have a defined age or nationality and lives in a globalized world, brimming with nuances. We should be glad that the fashion industry has broken its seams and has satisfied the noble desire to distract us through the union of luxury and urban fashion. Until recently, it was unthinkable to us that someone could show up with ‘ugly shoes’ on a red carpet, but Questlove did it at the last Oscars 2021 gala . His choice of him? Some gold-colored Crocs, customized for the occasion.

The ascent to the skies of these ‘sneakers’ without laces has a name and surname. You have been able to see them on the feet of Bad Bunny , who wore white Crocs in his video clip of Yo perreo sola , or in the looks for the ‘red carpet’ of Pharrell Williams. On the other hand, Post Malone is also an outspoken devotee of rubber clogs (so much so that the rapper has launched two Posty Co collections with Crocs ), as is Justin Bieber, who has a collection in which virtually no color is missing. and to which he has added his two collaborations with the brand, in yellow firstand in purple afterwards .

The JIBBITZ, the fan phenomenon of Crocs lovers


Stick with this name and you will soon succumb to its charm. These pins or ‘charms’ are small ornaments used to personalize Crocs . You can combine them as you want and you can even collect them. In fact, a fan phenomenon has already broken out around the JIBBITZ™. You can choose numbers, flags, animals or landscapes, and they are ideal for both children and adults. One of the curiosities that can be done is to put your name on your shoes, placing pins with the different letters.
On the Crocs website you can find hundreds of symbols, drawings, phrases and codes. There are all kinds of original designs, from Minnie Mouse pins to Minnions . And it is that the JIBBITZ ™ are colorful, easy to place and give a touch of style and good humor to your feet. Seen what has been seen, it seems clear that Crocs clogs are the footwear of the moment we live in, and it was a matter of time before they became the ‘must have’ for those who know more about fashion.

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