New trends 5 shopping tips you can buy quality at a discount 2023

We have ticked off the holidays for another year, time for a fresh start. A clean slate! And clothing stores feel exactly the same way, because many items are going out at a discount to make room for the new spring collection. But how do you prevent your purchase in the sale from becoming a bad buy? Mariëlle, Teamlead Styling & Creative at Omoda, come to the rescue!

Shopping with a discount, our brain is very good at it. Because you want to save money and a new item of clothing, right? To be fair, it makes us greedy. Before you know it, you’ve brought in half a new wardrobe for yourself or the kids and after a year half of it is still hanging with the price tag in the closet. From happy with your purchase to bad buy. You recognize it for sure. Stylist Mariëlle from fashion store Omoda helps you to prevent this, comes with practical tips and shows you that the image of ‘leftovers’ does not apply during sale shopping at ‘the fashion store that loves you back’.

Buy quality at a discount

Mariëlle sees shopping discounted fashion items as a great time to get quality for less. “Admittedly, saving makes everyone happy. At the same time, the discount means that you have to think extra carefully about your purchase intention when shopping for sales.” She herself is less likely to make a purchase if she suddenly likes a discounted item of clothing. “Have you always wanted a nice wool sweater, perfect denim, leather jacket or other key piece , then this is your chance. These are quite pricey items, for which you can use the sale. In such a case you do a investment that you will enjoy for years to come.” She jokingly adds: “I always say: The more expensive the item, the higher the discount.” Because all items at Omoda are handpicked by experienced buyersyou are assured of quality. Also in the sale .

5 Practical shopping tips

To prevent a purchase with a discount from becoming a bad buy, the stylist has listed a number of useful tips:

(1) Custom filter

Filter according to your size, avoid disappointment and save time, says Mariëlle. “By custom filtering, you can immediately see which items a shopper is still looking for. Also handy: enter the item you are looking for in the search bar. That way you have the greatest chance of encountering something that is in the taste and you are not distracted by all kinds of other discounted items.” Two birds with one stone! If it happens that you still miss the mark, you can always contact Omoda’s customer service. We have a team of colleagues who specialize in styling questions and are happy to look for similar items in our  collection for you. Say some kind of free styling advice!”

(2) Filter by ‘latest on top

In addition to filtering by size, filtering by ‘newest on top’ is also a tip to remember, according to the stylist. “Do this and you will see the latest sale items from the latest collection at the top of the screen. I always enjoy searching that way!” Handy to know as new sale items are added all the time.

(3) Shop from your wishlist

At Omoda you can put your favorites on your wishlist . And that, according to the stylist, is very useful, especially during the sale. “Check regularly whether something of your favorites has already been discounted. These are items that you already like very much and then a nice discount is a nice bonus. The tip remains that if you really want to have this item of clothing, you better go for the sale can go shopping. Then you know for sure that you don’t miss out.”

(4) Buy items you can carry on

Those who want to shop smart can best choose items that can be worn for several seasons and that can be combined with items that you already have at home. “Take a good pair of jeans that you can often wear all year round – depending on the wash, though.” The Omoda stylist adds: “With our ‘discover the look’ concept, we show several outfits per item. Great inspiration to see which way you can go with one item. And the great thing is: it is possible that there are three discounted fashion items in the ‘discover the look’.

(5) Shop for next season

It probably goes against your instincts to buy summery key pieces in the middle of winter, but according to Mariëlle, it’s a smart move. “The summer collection of summer ’22 is often still discounted. If you need a good coat for next summer, for example, then you would do well to browse through the discounted items. Just be patient and you can handle it!”

Preview trends for spring 2023

Despite the fact that winter has only just set in and the road to spring still seems very long, Mariëlle and her colleagues are already busy behind the scenes with the spring collection ’23. What you really can’t avoid next season? “Colour. We have already seen a lot of colors this year, but next year there will be even more. And color blocking – combining bright colors – and the colorful suit will continue to be trending.” According to the stylist, something that we will see even more in the streets next spring than now is colorful metallic fashion items and co-ord sets. “The latter are sets with a matching bottom and top, for example, a skirt with blazer or waistcoat. In our online shop we even have a filter co-ord it’s that popular. Personally, I think this is a good investment because such a set can be styled in three ways; (1) as a set, (2) bottom with different top, and (3) top with the different bottom.” Come on in, spring!


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