How To Choose The Best Prenatal Vitamins For Expectant Moms

Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, prenatal vitamins will boost your chances of conceiving. These vitamins are certified and recommended for women who want to have healthy kids. However, it’s important to choose the right pregnancy vitamins. When shopping around for your prenatal vitamins, look for products with the following nutrients.

When To Take Prenatal Vitamins

Are you ready to get pregnant? If that’s the case, you should start taking prenatal supplements as soon as possible. This will improve your odds of conceiving. Just be sure to choose a supplement that contains the following vitamins and minerals.

Folic Acid

It has been proven that folic acid prevents brain and spinal defects in unborn children. And since it’s difficult to get it from food, you should consider taking a daily vitamin supplement. Each prenatal pill contains 400 micrograms of folic acid.

Although most over-the-counter prenatal supplements are rich in folic acid, it’s always advisable to seek your doctor’s advice before making a purchase.


During pregnancy, it’s important to increase your calcium intake. This will strengthen your bones and those of your unborn child. Research has found that women who take calcium supplements during pregnancy have a reduced risk for hypertension, as well as, pre-eclampsia. Essentially, it’s advisable to get 100 grams of calcium per day through supplementation.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D facilitates the absorption of calcium into your body. Although you can get it from the sun, you can as well obtain it from prenatal supplements. Clinical experts recommend that a pregnant woman should get about 600IUs of vitamin D per day.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin is highly effective in curbing nausea and vomiting. When combined with doxylamine, its benefits can be doubled. This antihistamine is affordable and can be bought over the counter. Pregnant women should consume 1.8 milligrams of B6 every day.


This omega-3 fatty acid plays a significant role in fetal brain development. It’s found in seafood and prenatal supplements. But this doesn’t mean that all supplements contain DHA. Thus, be sure to shop around for a product that offers exactly what you need.


During pregnancy, your body needs adequate iron to supply oxygen to the unborn child. Most prenatal supplements contain the required dosage of iron (27 mg). Foods such as meat and fish are also highly rich in iron. Making the right choices will help you feel better. Plus, it’ll support your infant’s future health.

Key Takeaway

Prenatal supplements can assure you that you’ll deliver a healthier baby. They’re uniquely designed to feature safe doses of essential nutrients that pregnant women need. If you need extra folic acid, consult your doctor first. Don’t be quick to purchase over-the-counter supplements. Most of them are safe, but it’s always better to talk to your healthcare provider first.

The Bottom-Line

Getting pregnant is a treasure to any couple. Getting kids makes you complete. However, if you are not getting pregnant, don’t worry. Take the best pregnancy vitamins. Take prenatal vitamins. Choose the right vitamins. Go for vitamins with the above nutrients.

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