Why is street style store more critical now than ever?

Thanks to the Spring/Summer 2022 shows and especially their guests, we were able to spot trends and a new fashion spirit on the streets.

Some street-style store 

Some street-style retail outfits have moments of gravitational attraction built into them. Have you ever been walking or passing by someone when you suddenly sense the magnetic pull of a thousand stars? This is how I felt outside the Brooklyn Collina Strada Spring 2022 concert, in a new orbit.

One of the guests walked by me wearing an orange mesh top, a flurry of lilac ruffles, a pair of teal platform shoes, and fringe that was fanning out in the wind. On a Brooklyn Grange rooftop garden, this entire event took place. They had a boardwalk constructed by Hillary Taymour, their designer, between kale and basil fields.

Where is the street-style store of Generation Z going?

One of the guests wore a vintage Versace blouse, white slacks that were transparent, and a necklace that resembled the Great Barrier Reef from a street-style shop. In the front row, two young men chattered while their date covered his ears with a soft bucket hat.

Without much fanfare, the music from the show began to play and the guests began to look at each other: Could it be that among those present there were people who were wearing clothes from the collection? Everyone had the impression that at any moment someone would get up from the front row and start walking down the runway with those second-hand clothes – intervened, upcycled, and in kitsch style.

But the Vogue team was also affected by “who” was wearing these clothes: this was a diverse mix of people from various genres and backgrounds, so it wasn’t only what they were wearing that made an impression. Starting with the grandmother of the actress Sasha Frovola, moving on to the chef Devonn Francis, the model Jazzelle Zanaughtti, and the legendary septuagenarian Kathleen McCain Engman. They were all praised for their individual styles, which signifies a transformation in how fashion reflects and engages with the contemporary environment.



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