The 8 Best Clothing Manufacturers in America for Garment Retail Businesses

BAclothing manufacturers for your brand?

Are you looking for clothing manufacturers for your brand? According to statistics, the global garment market generates a total of about 1.5 trillion US dollars alone. Which is a huge amount and greatly affects the economic system.

Considering this information. It is not surprising that most entrepreneurs are attracted to the idea of ​​creating their own clothing manufacturers’ brands.

In this guide, you will find all the relevant information about these clothing manufacturers for startups or start-ups.

Starting with their contact information, their location, and their official website. Which will provide you with detailed information about their manufactured products.

With fashion companies needing multiple products with low order quantities, it’s hard to find one manufacturer that does it all.

I think the main cog in the machine is finding the right manufacturer that offers quality products and good prices.

Luckily. We have a list of the best sourcing companies in the world that can put you in touch with the right manufacturers.

After this guide to clothing manufacturers and apparel sourcing companies. You will be able to contact these sourcing companies and choose the best possible option based on your brand goals.

1. Organic Appeal USA

Organic Appeal USA is one of the most recognized manufacturers in the United States of America.

Also, as the name suggests, they have specially manufactured products, which are purely organic in nature. 9ncluding all the starting material as well as any leftover ingredients that are used in the process.

Although their original manufacturing headquarters are in Turkey. They export all their organic products from there to the United States of America and other parts of the world.

However, the organic nature of their products and their high quality of them are unmatched. This company has been in business for the past 15 years and has outstanding performance along. With the positive feedback gained from its customers and increasing demand.

You will find a wide range of options for the product you want based on its material as well as design. Or various size and customization options such as logo printing etc.

This clothing manufacturing company is known for the high quality of its products. Which are available at an affordable price range.

In addition, customers are very satisfied with the security and shipping discounts that they can benefit from in bulk orders. Which are delivered within the established deadlines.

Main products

Five different sizes with up to 400 colors and models are available.

2. The Good Clothing Company

It is one of the most diverse apparel manufacturing companies in the United States of America.

The company truly values ​​and embodies the concept of entrepreneurship as it strives to accommodate people of different backgrounds and settings to grow its business.

The Good Clothing Company works with eco-friendly entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups across the country.

Providing every business with high-quality standard products with a diverse range of options to customize to your personal preference.

One of the best things about the Good clothing manufacturers  Company. the fact that they offer their customers the opportunity to place a minimum order of up to 10 pieces per size style, and color only.

Therefore, a great opportunity is offered to small entrepreneurs.

Main products:


men’s clothing

clothes for children


3. Euphoric Colors

Euphoric Colors is one of the clothing manufacturing companies based in Los Angeles, United States. He makes sure that not only all his products are up to standard quality but also customized as per his choice.

They also have a special team of designers to make sure that the orders placed by customers are tailored to their needs and preferences, while maintaining the extraordinary quality of their products.


TEG is a renowned company located in the two most famous cities in the United States of America, Los Angeles .nd San Francisco. They are known for their painstaking and detailed work, which embodies the true nature of the hard work and dedication they put into every garment they make.

One of the most captivating facts about TEG is that it consists of two different sets of production systems, which help its customers to choose the best one based on their needs and requirements. One of them is in-house production at the studio level, which has no minimum order limit.

While the other is factory-level production, which manufactures on a large scale and has a minimum order limit of about 50 pieces per style or design. This feature encourages new designers to come forward and start their own brand line.

Main product

embroidered polo shirt

embroidered caps


logo items

non-medical masks

promotional products.

5. Stylus Apparel

This fabric manufacturing company is one of the few companies located in New Jersey in the United States of America. The company emerged in 2003 and since then has served numerous customers with its high-quality products.

Stylus Apparel, as the name suggests, is known for its intricate design and the extraordinary talent displayed by the special set of designers hired by the company. Their style and unique designs tend to lead the fashion world and they are known as trendsetters.

In addition to the customization and styling they offer their customers. They also provide them with the option of screen printing. Sublimation printing, and special hand-woven logos and labels to showcase the effort they put into their products.

Although they provide expedited delivery in a short time frame of 4-8 weeks, you can also regularly arrange expedited delivery in a short time frame of 1-4 weeks, if you are able to pay an additional fee. Stylus Apparel also offers special discounts to its customers to facilitate their business, increasing the discount as the number of pieces increases.

Main products:



racerback for ladies


tank top

6. Alsico USA

Unlike other clothing manufacturing companies, this company is actually a collection of the international network of various companies specializing in the design, distribution and manufacture of everyday clothing, as well as specialty uniforms such as of work, etc.

Alsico USA is responsible for the production of various products required in different industries such as automotive, electronics assembly, cleaners, and even specialized uniforms for astronauts, etc.

You’ll also notice such diversity among their products that, in addition to general everyday wear, there are cleanroom and guard uniforms, ESD reusables, and other specialty clothing such as flame retardant clothing for firefighters.

Their strong and well established chain system allows them to maintain their reputation not only in the United States of America. ut also provides a fast delivery system in other countries such as the United Kingdom. In addition, they have a minimum order limit of up to 12 pieces.

Main products:

Garment cleaning


reusable clothing

fire retardant clothing

clothes in general.

As its name symbolizes, this company makes sure that in addition to the quality of its garments. The products are uniquely designed and full of colors, which embodies the notion of life.

Main products

lingerie, underwear


prom dresses

button down shirts



This fabric manufacturing company is one of the few companies located in the United States that are willing to help their customers with innovative ideas and make sure that they can actually manufacture the raw designs that they have sketched into several different types of their products.

Suuchi is known for working with a diverse number of companies whether they are well-established brands working on a large scale or a small businesses, es or startups that are struggling to make a name for themselves.

To make sure Suuchi meets all the needs of its customers belonging to various configurations. It not only has a set of highly organized teams working 24 hours a day but also a special team to develop new software that can make The entire procedure runs smoothly and maintains transparency standards.

To facilitate its customers, Suuchi has set a minimum order limit of 50 pieces of different sizes and styles. In this way, customers have an equal opportunity to explore the wide variety of products that the company offers.

Main products

Men’s Clothing


Clothes for children

8. ARGYLE Haus

This clothing manufacturing company is one of the best companies located in California, in the United States of America. After many years of tireless work and dedication. This company has earned its name among the best clothing manufacturers in the world in its own right.

Surely, such fame and reputation are earned through efforts, whereby the owners charge their customers equally for the products. You will notice that all of their products stand out among the numerous other brands like royalty.

ARGYLE Haus is known not only for working with many renowned brands but has worked on large events with national brands and international companies. Therefore, not all entrepreneurs may be able to afford their products if they have enough money in their pockets. You can hit the jackpot with their renowned products.

Not only will you be able to sell your products at a much faster rate but you will also be able to use your name to attract more customers and get a chance to spread your business to different states or even other countries thanks to the great success you will get.

Main products

T-shirts, panties


Tank tops



button down shirts

Casual dresses



prom dresses

Intimates structure.

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