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TComboFix Analysis

Many times, we let ourselves be tempted by some interesting program for our computer ComboFix, but when we try it, doesn’t quite convince us. What we do then remove it from the computer, from the Control Panel, or with an external application. The problem is that once they have passed through our device. This software leaves behind certain traces or junk elements, even sometimes malicious, that can harm the operation of our PC.

ComboFix is ​​a program specially created to be able to scan all the content that you have on your computer. Looking specifically for those small malicious programs or residues of them that could have been lodged without our knowing it. After finishing this process of searching for harmful elements. The software in question is in charge of eliminating the infections automatically so that they cannot affect us.

What type of virus is ComboFix able to remove? 

Many of the most common ones that tend to harm computers these days, such as SurfSideKick, QooLogic, Vundo, or Look2Me. Of course, the complete list of malicious content that this program is capable of detecting and eliminating is irreproducible. And you will be able to verify this once you have installed it on your computer.

And since we are talking about the installation of this program. One notable detail that you have to take into account is that, at least for now. It is not compatible with the latest version of the operating system from the people of Microsoft, Windows 10. Just as you read it, we can install and use it without any problems on older versions like Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7, or Windows 8. But not on Windows 10, so keep that in mind.

How about the interface of the program?

A very simple one really, since it does not contribute much from the aesthetic point of view. And is quite reminiscent of the old versions of the Windows operating system. Which speaks a little about the years it has been on the market without updates. Beyond that, it is also true that it is intuitive, and that is an important point in favor.

In our user experience, in order to run this application correctly we have had to disable the antivirus beforehand. So keep this in mind because it is likely that your security system prevents you from using it. We have not had any type of problem while ComboFix was working. And once it finished its work, we reactivated the antivirus in the normal way.

Then, you will see that by its own account, this application will ask you to close the other processes that you may have running in the background since many of them block and do not allow it to perform the scan correctly. This goes for Internet browsers as well, so it might be a good idea to let the program run overnight to make sure it won’t bother you in any way.

When it finishes scanning and after cleaning the system. This platform generates a kind of report showing the user all the work that has been done. So that you know what elements to eliminate. If any, and you can prevent yourself from them hereafter. In addition, these reports are extremely useful to find out what small malicious programs are present on your computer.

At this point, you have to decide if you want to stop and exit the system like nothing happened, or proceed with the removal of them. To exit, you must press number 2 on the keyboard, and remove malicious files, number 1. If your choice is the second one, to remove potentially dangerous items, the application will generate a System Restore Point to repair eventual damage.

Before starting to remove all the elements that could harm the way our computer works. This program will disable its Internet access, so don’t be surprised if it disconnects unexpectedly. In turn, different warnings could appear that you have to ignore. In short, don’t worry about any of the cosmetic changes you may notice, as they are perfectly normal.

At the end, a new report will be generated, which you have to upload to one of the forums of the program’s developers since regardless of whether your problem has been solved or not, they will be able to confirm if the process has been carried out correctly. As you can see, it is a complex program that not every user can run.

In our experience of use, we terminated early due to the same risks that we mentioned above. We were able to verify that ComboFix is ​​a stable application, which in no way closes or stops by itself. However, if we want that to happen, it is better not to be using the computer in any other way while working.

One piece of advice that we want to give you is to finish before you start using this program on your computer. Has to do with the fact that it could cause problems in the operation of the PC if you do not have enough knowledge about it. ComboFix should always be put to work under the supervision of a person who knows its scope. Otherwise, it is preferable to use it only in an emergency situation.


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