tips for online pharmacies in 2023

On the shelves of Internet pharmacies, there are really a lot of medicines, equipment, and other products that are delivered with detailed instructions for use. The replacement of sales assistants enabled the decision to include a detailed description and photo with the product.

The best online pharmacies in 2020 offer convenient search, classification by manufacturer, alphabet, and other criteria. It is impossible to deliver dietary supplements and medicines to your home, so it is a widespread decision to choose the nearest pharmacy and pick up the desired product.


We have analyzed which online pharmacies are the most popular among users. Among the studied sites, it was decided to highlight the TOP rated good ones. The choice was based on the experience of the store, whether it is in demand among customers, and how conveniently it is equipped. Also, resources often have interesting discounts and programs. By the way, in some of them, the medical assortment is much cheaper than in standard pharmacies, so it is advisable to buy goods in this way.


The online pharmacy Rigla is recommended exclusively from the best side. This is a fairly developed network with a high quality of service. You can find Rigla pharmacies in different parts of the Russian Federation.

The site features popular drugs as well as rare products, gadgets, and children’s products. There are also sections with cosmetics and personal hygiene products.

It is important to note that the site is equipped with an interesting interface. It is very easy to use and pleasant. All conditions for the purchase of goods are presented to the user’s attention. On the first page, there is a sales section. There is also a discount on other products, their value will vary due to the bonus. It is given only to participants of the Rigla-Messenger-Club program. The card is issued at the pharmacy.

There are special privileges for residents of the capital. You can pick up the ordered product on the same day. The rest of the customers should be prepared that the wait can be extended from 5 to 7 days. If your order is more than 2 thousand rubles, it will be delivered to the pharmacy for free.

Rigla also summarizes discounts on social cards and the discount program. The “Thank You” bonuses were no exception. In fact, such favorable offers for customers are extremely rare. If you have any questions, you can always call the consultant at the numbers indicated on the website. It will help you to find an analog drug or the exact drug on the website.

True, the downside is that the prices of particularly popular goods on the site are very high. And the personal account is not informative. It is not usual to report on the status of the order. The phone line does not answer or is often busy. In this case, you should call yourself to find out if the order has arrived at the pharmacy or is still in progress.


The Eurofarm pharmacy has positively established itself. In fact, this reputation is due to strict quality control and warehouse operations. The firm has built strong partnerships with numerous suppliers. There are more than 10 thousand positions on the site. A clear and user-friendly interface attracts attention. It will not be difficult to find the right medicine in a few minutes. If the purchase amount is greater than 1,500 rubles, a discount is automatically issued and delivery is free.

Also, customers love the Eurofarm website for regular promotions and discounts. If you have any difficulties, you can contact an expert for help. They will suggest a cheaper analog. Payment of the order is possible in any popular way, but e-wallets are not accepted at Eurofarm.

Please note that the minimum order amount at the online pharmacy is 400 RUB. Regions are counted separately under the terms of Major Express. There is an opportunity to share your feedback on the website and new threads are opened where users share their tips with each other.

There is a minus. It lies in the fact that the online pharmacy does not inform the customer at which stage his order is. Even if there is a delay, it will not be reported in time. Complaints are often received that the courier takes more than a week to deliver the goods, not 2 days as stated by the company.

The online pharmacy always has rare drugs, and the partnership with manufacturers is excellent. That’s why the company decently reduces the prices of many products, which customers like.

The online pharmacy carefully adheres to the conditions and rules of transportation. The site has a convenient product search system. There is also a discount section. After a successful reservation, the customer receives an SMS, as well as the address of the pharmacy where the goods will be delivered. The customer can collect the order within a few days. But if it doesn’t come as ordered, it will automatically be blacklisted.

You can call the company and ask to extend the shelf life by a few days. The company works with cash and non-cash payments using bank cards. But keep in mind that there are no social discounts. Only the discount program is in effect. Users are advised to subscribe to the newsletter, as bonus coupons are printed there. True, the store does not always form the entire order, because very often some goods are not available. The disadvantage is that the customer does not know this and pays for the entire order.


E-Apteka could not be left out of our rating. A large arsenal of goods was presented. There are more than 30 thousand of them, among them are also unique medicines. The delivery also does not fail, it is really very fast.

The online pharmacy has a warehouse available. All products are stored in accordance with state regulations. The page is very simple, the positions are divided into different groups. On the first page, there is a search bar. It is suitable for those who know who the manufacturer is or what the exact name of the medicine is.

Delivery of orders in the amount of 1500 rubles or more is free. All other cases are subject to an additional payment of 250 rubles. The manager contacts the customer to clarify whether all items of the order are in stock, and only then should you pay.

There are often discounts on the website, but many products are still more expensive than other online pharmacies. Buyers are advised to be careful with sales, as they are often products that have expired.

It is recommended to download the app and get a 3 percent discount. You can use your phone to find a product using a barcode. You can pay for the goods not only in cash but also by card at pick-up points.

But keep in mind that if the order has already been placed, you won’t be able to change it yourself. This can be done by calling a hotline consultant.

There are also remarks that very often the goods in the order are changed by pharmacy employees, without introducing the customer to the course.


The pharmacy is the best in the TOP regarding the availability of a selection of products for babies and mothers. There are also goods for medical professionals, a lot of really rare items and unique medicines. Also, users are pleased that the range includes a large selection of dietary supplements, Asian medicines, which can be found in the section “Baby products from Japan”.

Studying the site, I got the impression that some prices are still very high. But this shortcoming is compensated by a system of discounts for regular customers of up to 7 percent, as well as the availability of various sales with a decrease in value of up to 25 percent. However, customers note that deep discounts signal that expiration dates are about to end, so it’s worth being careful when choosing products.

If you order goods of 700 rubles in the capital of the Russian Federation, delivery will be free. Otherwise, you need to pay an additional 150 rubles for the service. Delivery costs to other cities of the Russian Federation are calculated individually, but please note that you must order at least 1 thousand rubles.

There is another “but”. The online store accepts orders only on working days. It will not be possible to get the right product immediately. Also, some product descriptions are too sparse. Only a sign is drawn, and if there is useful information, then it is written in too small letters.

APTEKA.RU has tens of thousands of medicines in stock. Many of them are cheaper than in city pharmacies. The company cooperates with different pharmacies in the country, almost every city has its own points so that the customer can pick up the goods.

The site has a very good description of the drugs. There are pictures for them. There are loyalty programs. It is worth noting the Vitaminki system, which allows you to get a discount of up to 6 percent. Moreover, bonuses are calculated not only for purchases made, but also for writing comments, reviews on the website. You can also get an additional discount if you are active in the official online pharmacy group on the VK social network.

However, please note that you must order an amount of 500 rubles or more. And the online pharmacy works only on weekdays.

It has its own courier service, the service costs are included in the price on the website. After analyzing customer reviews, we can conclude that hot phone call consultants do their job very well. The administrator quickly confirms the order, noting if any of the products are missing.

The status of the goods can be tracked by SMS or by going to your personal account on the online pharmacy website. Upon receipt, it is impossible to check the package, but the contents of the package are often incorrect. Many customers complain that the packages are broken and that the transport is not carried out properly. The pharmacy strives to eliminate conflicts and therefore tries to correct mistakes as soon as possible.


The online pharmacy is the best in design and product catalog variety. There is a large selection of medical cosmetics, medicines, food and products for pregnant women. There is also a children’s section, but it is much smaller than the competitor’s section.

Positions are divided into groups and categories. Products have cards with descriptions and pictures. But keep in mind that very often there are products without photos. You can fill out a short questionnaire on the website and receive a 2 percent discount. You can also take advantage of the offer to save and place your order during happy hours from 20:00 to 08:00 or on weekends. Loyal customers can accumulate bonuses of up to 10 percent.

The range is constantly updated on the website. If an item is no longer in stock, it is immediately removed. Delivery for Muscovites is presented in 2 directions. There is fast delivery – within 3 hours and standard – up to 48 hours. Costs will also vary depending on the chosen direction – 70-150 rubles. But if the order is more than 1,500 rubles, then it is delivered completely free of charge. Express delivery will also cost the customer free of charge if the cost of the goods is more than 3,500 rubles.

You can also place an order to other regions, but shipping is done by mail. The exact cost cannot be specified. It is calculated on an individual basis.

Also, the payment of the order can be made upon receipt. The pharmacy works with e-wallets and bank cards. It should be noted that it is very profitable to place a large order since the customer immediately becomes a member of the “Internet Pharmacy Economy” program, and all items of goods will be much cheaper for him.

After analyzing the reviews, we concluded that the boxes are sometimes torn because the packaging of the goods is not always reliable.


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