What are Plugins for Plex?

Plex is a media server that lets you arrange your stuff into an easy-to-use, visually appealing library that can be retrieved from anywhere on the internet. However, without plugins, Plex only offers a subset of its functions. As a result, we’ve done our homework and found 10 Plex plugins that are still functional and will boost the power of your media server.

Protect your Plex plugins with a VPN

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with your Plex plugins provides many advantages that will help you improve your experience and stay secure online. A VPN works by encrypting your data and masking your IP address, which helps you stay anonymous online, on the web, or wherever you’re connected.

VPNs also circumvent geo-blocks, which prohibit particular material or channels based on your city or nation.

You can successfully get past those limits using a VPN, which means you’ll be able to utilize your Plex plugins to their maximum potential with all of the possibilities. We’ve already talked about the top VPN options for Plex. Still, Ivacy VPN takes the cake for its features, affordability, ease of setup, and compatibility for Android, iOS, Mac, and other platforms.

The Best Plex Plugins of 2022

1. WebTools

WebTools is a Plex App Store for the Plex server. All of the software described above is available for download from Plex. The WebTools App Store is an online portal that must be accessed through a separate IP address after the button is pressed. WebTools can be granted the same rights as Plex.

2. Trakt Scrobbler

Trakt. Tv, often known as Trakt Scrobbler, is a popular Plex plugin that was misleading until Plex banned it from Plex channels. It still works well, but you may download it using WebTools. If you are unaware, it represents your accomplishment on TV episodes and movies by synchronizing your playlist with your Track ID. However, if many individuals view the same material over a Plex server, it is difficult to keep the sync and might be frustrating.

3. Mangahere

Mangahere is a good plugin for linking Mangas to your Plex folder if you read them or if most of your users do. From the Manga, Mangahere is routed here. You must first install the plugin to drive the Plex folder in WebTools. Instead of visiting Manga’s website, the plug-in gives an app to read mangas independently.


IPTV is a handy plugin that attempts to provide a live TV experience on your Plex Media Server. It reads the live Internet TV feed and sends it to your Plex PC. It gives Plex users access to more cable TV content. The live TV service contains videos, news, and nearly every department.

5. FilmOn

FilmOn elevates the media streaming experience by adding free TV networks. Sports, comedy, horror, and more genres are all represented. It sends channels from different nations to you regardless of your location. You will be in charge of the premium material, and a pay-per-view option is also available.

6. Tautulli

Plex currently has a task monitor, which may be sufficient if your server manages fewer tasks. However, a complex plugin like Tautulli, AKA PlexPy would be useful when scaling it up. Tautulli provides an overview of the watch time, current displays, and bandwidth use of others. Identifying a bottleneck is simple if you can access several IPs from a single IP.

7. Sub-Zero

I recently chose to check into several Korean shows that had been recommended to me, and the context without subtitles is a dreadful period for comprehension. Sub-another Zero’s Plex plugin for creating subtitles for videos. Plex also has an Open Subtitles generator. However, it seldom works. Sub-Zero is far from perfect, and it has flaws. Despite this, it receives subtitles from ten different subtitle suppliers and APIs.

8. Ombi

Ombi is a plugin that should only be used to import or upload material from your Plex Server in response to user requests. It provides a website for all film requests. As a result, you can search for the site’s content rather than any user who phones you directly. After you upload the file, the customer will be notified through email. Users can also identify any problem. It is similar to PlexRequests, except it is more active.

9. TheaterTrailers

TheaterTrailers is a Python program that downloads movie trailers from YouTube. The best part is that previews are immediately erased when the release day approaches. Maintaining the quality of your Plex server is a fantastic approach to keeping it operational. TheatreTrailers requires the installation of Python, YouTube-DL, and TMDB on your Plex web server.

10. Old-Movie Time

Classic-Movie Time allows you to watch vintage movies on your Plex Server. The user interface is straightforward for movie genres like Adventure, Criminal Drama, OMT B Classic, etc. You may download AAC audio codec content to FullHD using Old Movie Time. Although the film library is modest, it is worth a go. Those classics are a delight to come across. OMT is available in the WebTools store.


Because this Plex plugin is simple and straightforward, there is no need to log in every time to check the server status before uploading any material. Instead, you may launch the plugin and do as you please. Also, Plex is compatible with practically all operating systems, including macOS, OpenBSD, and more, making it the perfect option for all your streaming needs.

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