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AdwCleaner is a program that allows us to analyze our PC to find and eliminate other malicious or undesirable programs.

To give you an idea of ​​how good it is, there are over 160 million active installations. It is one of the most used and useful PC programs, and on top of that, it is free!!!

Through a simple and intuitive interface. An analysis can be carried out on the entire PC or on certain files or files.

In addition to popular adware (advertising programs), AdwCleaner can detect and remove PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). And toolbars and repair hijacking problems like delta homes.

It is also capable of making reports in order to avoid connection losses.

AdwCleaner is free to download and installs and uninstalls like any other program.

It is compatible with Windows XP and all later versions of Windows, including Windows 10.

This is not the official website. But you will find all the necessary information to use it and you can download the latest version. By the way, this is the best adware cleaner that exists. It is as if it were the best free antivirus that exists.

So if you want to remove Adware. Stop looking for Softonic free antivirus because you probably won’t find the best one.

The new Microsoft Office 2021 Pro Plus is now available. You can buy it by  for only €59, a perpetual license, for life, without renewals. A completely renovated new office, will surely surprise you. Original license that is associated with your Microsoft account. You can change your PC whenever you want and reinstall as many times as you need. And if you prefer, you can buy Office 2019 Pro Plus for only €49. We also have Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses from €34.90.

Once one is a little interested in the problem of unwanted software. It is necessary to know and understand the language we are talking about. Since today the Internet is full of malicious and fraudulent content and therefore. It is necessary to know the different ways in which we can find everything that is harmful to our PC and to ourselves.

For starters, Potentially Unwanted Programs/ PUPs should not be confused with malware. Another thing is to say that they are good, but they will not harm the PC. However, they can slow it down or depersonalize it.

What is AdwCleaner and what functions does it have?

AdwCleaner is effective against:

the famous adware, which will not stop reminding us through pop-ups with alarming or misleading content. That if we do not install their “super” protection software, our computer may stop working, or a catastrophe may occur. Adware can also replace advertising found on the web pages we normally visit. Now you can remove malware for free.

the search bars, whose objective is none other than to increase the number of queries. And allow the pages found to display a certain search engine or meta-engine. Google did it en masse for a while, Yahoo continues this practice. And among many other search bars that can appear by chance, we can also highlight BabylonSearch, MySearch, or Searchcore.

toolbars in general, self-installed extensions that track our searches. And also claim to “help” us earn money easily and encourage us to use various fraudulent content.

PUPs, are programs relatively close to adware, whose sole purpose is to steal our information or our money with the justification of providing an often non-existent service. It must be taken into account that this type of software often comes from simply clickin on an ad or trying to download content from fake web pages. We must be careful with these types of websites.

In addition, it will also take care of all the programs that replace the home page, as well as the default search engine.

Installation and uninstallation

The installation of this software is done in a matter of seconds (it is worth mentioning that adware is free and free of publicity). Then you will have to run the program to be able to use it immediately if necessary.

To uninstall it, simply click on the button enabled for this purpose in the main menu, the result is immediate, and the executable file with which the program has been installed will be removed immediately. This program is updated on a regular basis to include the detection of new malicious programs or malware.

Another antivirus that will help you keep your devices protected and at a low price is the new  Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device and which will only cost you €24.20.

Interface and functionality.

As for the interface, although certain changes have been produced over time. n general terms it remains the same, keeping its three most important and easy-to-use parameters, Scan, Clean, and Uninstall.

In addition to the Record button, which we can access once the clean function has been used, to obtain the data record of the actions carried out.

Once the scan is done, the results section with its respective tabs (Services, Folders, Files, DLLs, Shortcuts, Scheduled Tasks, Registry, Firefox, and Chrome) will be ready.

To eliminate the detected elements, you have to click on the “Clean” button and it will notify us that all programs will be closed during cleaning. Once it has finished cleaning the PC, it will ask us to restart the PC.

After the PC restart is complete, the cleaning report will appear on the screen in a .txt file. For those who want to go even deeper to deal with the most radical malware, in the options menu, it will be possible to reset some network settings and policies related to browser security.

Another antivirus that may interest you in relation to the level of protection we are dealing with are cheap  Bitdefender VS Kaspersky

What’s new in version 7.4 of AdwCleaner

It is responsible for removing all kinds of adware, and potentially dangerous programs.

The new version has completely changed its image and brought a new graphical interface.

In the new version, the reset section has been added. which allows you to use certain settings such as firewall, Winsock, etc.

Updating your database is more powerful and improved than ever.

As soon as the program starts cleaning, all the processes affected by the operation will be closed. It is likely that when the process ends, it will be necessary to restart the system.

To  uninstall  appears in the file and will remove all data from AdwCleaner 7.0


It is not the definitive tool against all the threats that we can find on the network, this is not the way in which this program is presented.

The purpose of this software is disinfection, which means that it would be best to never have to use it.

To do this, a series of precautionary measures must be taken such as installing a competent antivirus on the PC.  Paying close attention to the software that is installed and which pages are accessed to install it the links that are clicked on, in short, You have to be careful and follow certain basic safety rules.

Also beware of all the pop-ups and messages that eventually appear. In which they announce great prizes and gifts, or those in which it is announced how to win outrageous amounts of money quickly and easily. Since all these causes, almost with In all security, our PC ends up infected with malware, with the consequent damage to the PC and to browsing.

AdwCleaner is an effective program. And the fact that it is updated regularly is important. It is very easy to install and uninstall. The message it spreads is also appreciated. In that it is necessary to be aware of all the malware and adware that constantly appears on the network, and to navigate cautiously to avoid falling victim to the malicious software that is becoming more and more abundant.


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