metaverse developers and programming: what role will developers have?

What is the metaverse developers.?

2021 was the year in which Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, decided to rename the already legendary company to launch a disruptive digital environment, the platform and communication paradigm on which new technological experiences will be based, replicating the social dynamics we know: work, play. , buy, etc. In Zuckerberg’s words: “The metaverse developers. will be social, a 3D virtual space where you can share immersive experiences with other people – even when it is not possible to be together physically – and do activities together that would not be possible in the real world.”

In this new virtual world, people will not only be able to play and interact, but also work, produce and govern with such a deep level of immersion that experiences will not be determined by their relationship with the screens, but will occur within them. From companies the size of a conglomerate like Microsoft to super popular artists like Justin Bieber, passing through financial institutions, universities, cities and entire countries -like South Korea- , everyone wants to replicate in this metaverse and conquer this new dimension by exploiting the creative opportunities and business it offers.

Silicon Valley is already thinking about how to amplify the physical world of Internet users. The political, geographical, identity and experiential implications are already a topic of debate that highlights the power of this platform and the emergence of a new world where real life is just another way of experiencing existence.

Metaverse and human coexistence

What characteristics will this new world that Zuckerberg proposes have? With the emergence of this new environment, developers are faced with the challenge of building and sustaining a universe governed by three pillars:

1) The presence , that is, being able to recreate the sensation for people of being inhabiting a virtual space. Only thanks to this sense of immersion is it possible to generate quality and meaningful online interactions for users. How is presence built? Through virtual reality technologies, such as head-mounted displays.

2) Standardization within the metaverse developers. , allowing interoperability of platforms and services. The only way the metaverse can be globally adopted and shared use extended is by defining common technology standards.

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